Present Simple

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Present Simple Землянская Т.В. учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №105 г.Купино Ход занятия Карточки для проверки

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Present Simple Настоящее время В предложениях описываются действия, происходящие постоянно или регулярно повторяющиеся

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Alex is a bus driver. But now he is asleep in bed. He drives a bus.

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Слова-ключи Always Normally Often Every day Эти слова указывают на действие в настоящем времени Present Simple

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Утвердительное предложение Present Simple ед. число I You work He She works It мн. число We You work They

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Примеры: It is snows in winter normally. Зимой обычно идёт снег. A doctor works in a hospital. Врач работает в поликлинике.(постоянно)

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Practice I … to be a student. She … to school every day. I … tennis. Cats … milk.

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Отрицательное предложение Present Simple I You We do not = don`t They like fish He She does not = doesn`t It

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Birds do not like milk do not = don`t She does not play tennis does not = doesn`t Mike doesn`t often drink tea. I don`t like to get up early in the morning.

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Вопросительные предложения Present Simple Does he play tennis? Do you speak English? Does it work? Do you know that game? Does drive He a bus s ?

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What? When? Where? What does this word mean? When does class begin? Where do you get this flowers? drive He a bus Does What ?

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