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Конвергенция Данных / Измерений и Медиа Российский интернет-форум 22 апреля 2009 Ralph Folz, Global Chief Operating Officer Isobar

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Новый уровень задач рекламодателей РАНЕЕ СЕЙЧАС Медиа-кампания Охват, частота Сайты, форматы

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КАНАЛЫ ПРОДВИЖЕНИЯ И ИНСТУРМЕНТЫ: брендированный видео-канал на mail.ru - создание и продвижение игры-викторины - медиа-кампания на порталах и в блогах с таргетингом на тинейджеров - поисковая кампания с таргетингом на тинейджеров по поисковым запросам - social media – посев видео-материалов в блогах, создание и поддержка профайлов героев сериала в социальных сетях Clean & Clear (J&J) – интегрированная кампания

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Статистика блогосферы Статистика медийной кампании (ad serving), статистика поисковой рекламы (Яндекс), статистика по просмотрам видео (Mail.ru, adserving), статистика полученных публикаций (яндекс, мониторинг блогов и СМИ), статистика посещаемого сайта и т.п. Трекинг результатов Статистика кампании

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Outline: Introduction Collision of Data / Technology & Media 3 Challenges Big players: “All things to all people” Lack of interoperability Need an online/offline “currency” 3 Things to do. What to do if you….? are an agency are an advertiser are an entrepreneur

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Isobar: Digital Marketing arm of Aegis Media 3,500 people in 40 countries 90 people in Russia (AdWatch/Isobar) Offerings include: Online Media, Search, Mobile, Social Media, Creative, Web Consulting & Build and Sustainability

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My Background Entrepreneur: Founded Molecular (http://www.molecular.com) in 1994. Web Consulting and Build Molecular acquired by Isobar in 2005 Currently Global Chief Operating Officer of Isobar

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Data – Technology and Media are Colliding

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We need to change marketing priorities Campaign-based Thinking Continuous Consumer Interactions Outputs (Reach, Frequency, “Impacts”) Outcomes (Client Business Performance metrics) Controlled “Talking at” Organic Conversation

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Earned Media Bought Media Own Media Time and Effect Exponentially Increases

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Every region with one-off solutions and silos!

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Information And it only has some of the information you need

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Think “Consumer Centric” not “Campaign Centric” Customer Sales data Ad Display Email Campaigns Web Analytics Search Organic Paid Consumer Centric Model Dashboard and Reporting

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Beliefs Consumer Centric data model Data gets smarter with every touch point with the brand Leverage industry standards. Integrate instead of Build Collecting data, and making it transparent (reporting) is only step one. Turning the data into knowledge and actions is the real objective

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Challenges AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN: For the advertiser? Are they a publisher? Are they an exchange? Yes to all ! – creates a challenge Lack of interoperability. Need more help from trade associations. Goal: Open source / open architecture. Need more innovation around connecting online and offline.

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What to Do: If an Agency: Get data & technology savvy FAST! Build talent, embrace technology. If an Advertiser: For every initiative, think about the data. Own it. Aggregate it. Leverage it. If an Entrepreneur: Start companies! Massive opportunity!