Computer Addiction

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УМК “New Millennium English 10” Н.Н.Деревянко, С.В.Жаворонкова Unit 8, Lesson 4 By Elena Kolobaeva, Julia Shalakina group 751 Computer Addiction

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Цели и задачи урока Цель - развивать языковые навыки и умения в их целостности. Практические задачи Формировать грамматический навык на стадии ознакомления и тренировки (to prevent sb from smth) Формировать лексический навык на стадии применения (тема «Компьютерная зависимость») Развивать умение чтения с полным пониманием Образовательные задачи Познакомить учеников с понятием «Компьютерная зависимость» Воспитательные задачи Воспитывать умение работать в паре Развивающие задачи Развивать умение формулировать и выражать собственное мнение Развивать способности анализа и синтеза Развивать креативное, творческое мышление, воображение

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Тематический настрой Have you got profiles in vkontakte, facebook, twitter, myspace? How often do you check updates? How do you communicate with your friends mostly: via the internet or in person? Can you say how much time you spend in the internet? Do you know about the existence of the disease when you are addicted to computer? What’s the name of this disease?

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Look at the board, there you can see a bubble scheme about computer addiction. We will complete it during the whole lesson. Now we’ll watch a video about this disease. Complete the bubble scheme with all the possible consequences of computer addiction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJsK1csZP1g&feature=related Computer Addiction Solutions Consequences Reasons

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What consequences did you manage to write down? Consequences Falling asleep in class Neglecting of homework Grades’ slipping Lying Aggressiveness

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Презентация I know one pupil who suffers from computer addiction and he told me about his consequences. He wrote a model-text . Now look at the screen and read it to yourselves. Something is happening in my life. I sit up late, it prevents me from sleeping. I don’t eat mummy’s pancakes, it prevents me from eating. I neglect my studies, it prevents me from learning. I don’t see my friends, it prevents me from talking. I goggle at the screen, it prevents me from walking. I have no idea what to do.

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Реконструкция What is the model-text about? Have you understood everything? Have you had something of the kind in your life? Do you suffer from the same problem? Why did Mr. Johns use Present Perfect when writing a poem? Try to guess what the phrase means. Translate it. to prevent somebody from doing something

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Реконструкция Now match 2 columns. Who can prevent you from doing these things? Make sentences according to the example. Example: My little brother prevents me from doing my homework.

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Реконструкция In this sentences try to make sentences, according to the example. Example: TV/ Mike/ to read TV prevents Mike from reading. 1. Computers/ Bill/ to meet with friends __________________________________ 2. Fast food/ Sally/ to lose weight __________________________________ 3. Pets/ the Smiths/ to go on a vocation __________________________________ 4. Rain/ Jane/ to walk in the park __________________________________ 5. Jack’s girlfriend/ he/ to watch a football match

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Креативное письмо And now it’s your time to write a model-text about computer addiction. But before that I want to remind you of the criteria according to which you must write your texts: 1. It must be short: from 5 to 9 lines. 2. You must use the structure “to prevent somebody from something”. 3. It must have a logical conclusion. Divide into pairs and start creating! If you don’t suffer from internet addiction, write about someone who suffers from it.

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Презентация продуктов учащихся Now let’s choose the best piece of writing and it’s time for you to present your texts and for us to vote. Don’t forget about the criteria which were given to you before writing. (Ss read their texts to the class and then vote for the best one).

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Рефлексия Thank you for your work. I hope it was rather interesting for you to try such kind of activity. Now let’s fill the following table in: