Limericks, humor, and poetry for children

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Limericks, humor, and poetry for children Urbs Antiqua There was an Fuit Studiisque ancient city Asperrima Belli   very fierce in the skills of war

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Что бы там ни говорили, главное в поэзии – рифма «Манифест Брахипоэтов» рукописный журнал «Ежевозможник» Харьковский Политехнический 1913-1914 (В.К.Житомирский, А.М.Финкель и другие)

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Слышен свист и вой локомобиля, Дверь лингвисты войлоком обили. (Н.С.Гумилев) Ветвисторогий, светло-синий Топтал пятнадцать лет лось иней. (В.К.Житомирский) И пишется неутомимо Тора Всю ночь колесами мотора. (В.К.Житомирский) Коль рабби любит брокколи, В кольраби много проку ли? (К.М.Великанов)

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How odd Of God To choose The Jews. (W.N.Ewer)

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What is a limerick, Mother? It's a form of verse, answered Brother, In which lines one and two Rhyme with five when it's through And three and four rhyme with each other. There once was an X from place B, That satisfied predicate P, He or she did thing A, In an adjective way, Resulting in circumstance C.  The limerick's callous and crude, Its morals distressingly lewd; It's not worth the reading By persons of breeding - It's designed for us vulgar and rude.  

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The limerick packs laughs anatomical Into space that is quite economical. But the good ones I've seen So seldom are clean - And the clean ones so seldom are comical. Краток лимерик - тем и хорош, На щекотку немного похож. Жаль, смешные обычно Не очень приличны, От приличных - со скуки помрешь. [В.Гурвич] Форма лимерика ограничена И присущ ей порок органиченно: Смешные, обычно, Не слишком приличны, А приличные - редко комиченны. [Д.Манин]

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There was a young girl of Madras Who had a magnificent ass;     Not round and pink,     As you probably think— It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass. [Anon] У вдовы из предместья Сен-Жюст Был весьма замечательный бюст Был он мраморно-белым Бакенбарды имел он И табличку "Писатель М. Пруст“ [Юстас]

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And let me the canakin clink, clink, And let me the canakin clink! A soldier's a man A life's but a span, Why then, let a soldier drink! [Otello, Act II, Scene 3]

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"How pleasant to know Mr.Lear!"       Who has written such volumes of stuff! Some think him ill-tempered and queer,       But a few think him pleasant enough. His mind is concrete and fastidious,       His nose is remarkably big; His visage is more or less hideous,       His beard it resembles a wig. He has ears, and two eyes, and ten fingers,       Leastways if you reckon two thumbs; Long ago he was one of the singers,       But now he is one of the dumbs. ………………………………. He has many friends, lay men and clerical,       Old Foss is the name of his cat; His body is perfectly spherical,       He weareth a runcible hat. ………………………………… He reads, but he cannot speak, Spanish,       He cannot abide ginger beer: Ere the days of his pilgrimage vanish,       How pleasant to know Mr. Lear!

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There was an Old Man with a nose, Who said, 'If you choose to suppose, That my nose is too long, You are certainly wrong!' That remarkable Man with a nose. [Edward Lear]   There was an Old Lady of Chertsey, Who made a remarkable curtsey; She twirled round and round, Till she sunk underground, Which distressed all the people of Chertsey. [Edward Lear]   There was an old poet named Lear, Who wrote limericks year after year Neither funny nor crude Neither witty nor lewd Was this stupid old poet named Lear! [A.B.Sossinsky]

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There was a young lady of Niger Who smiled as she rode on a tiger; They returned from the ride With the lady inside, And the smile on the face of the tiger. [C.Monkhouse; or the famous Anon]

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A bather whose clothing was strewed By winds that left her quite nude Saw a man come along And unless we are wrong You expected this line to be lewd.

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Archimedes, the well-known truth seeker, Jumping out of his bath, cried Eureka! He ran half a mile Wearing only a smile And became the very first streaker.  ***** There was a young lady named Kite, Whose speed was much faster than light, She left home one day In a relative way And returned on the previous night.  ***** Tis a favorite project of mine A new value to pi to assign I would fix it at three For its simpler, you see, Than 3 point 1 4 1 5 9.

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There was an Old Man on some rocks, Who shut his wife up in a box; When she said, 'Let me out!' He exclaimed, 'Without doubt, You will pass all your life in that box.‘ [E. Lear] Раз месье из страны Суринам В прочный ящик засунул мадам, И на просьбу: "Открой!" Он ответил: "Не ной! Навсегда ты останешься там". [C. Шоргин] Мой знакомый с Кордильер Запер бабу в шифоньер. Баба взвыла: "Что ж мне, Петя, До смерти сидеть в буфете?" Но не пожелал Иуда Выпустить ее оттуда. [М.Ю.Розенблюм]

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There was an old fellow named Green, Who grew so abnormally lean, And flat, and compressed, That his back squeezed his chest, And sideways he couldn't be seen. Известнейший логик Поль Коэн Был паталогически строен. Прибыл раз на конгресс, В профиль встал и исчез. Председатель был страшно расстроен. [В.Гурвич] Мой приятель Саша К. С виду плоский как доска. Каковая симметричность Вряд ли красит его личность. [М.Ю.Розенблюм]

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There was a young fellow from Tyne Put his head on the South-Eastern line;     But he died of ennui,     For the 5.53 Didn't come till a quarter past nine. [Anon] Несчастный юнец из Барнстала Решился погибнуть на шпалах, А умер с тоски: Поезд 5.43 Отошел в 9.30 с вокзала. [О. Редькина ] Раз один детина сельский Положил башку на рельсы. И на этих самых ре... Он от старости помре, Потому что поездa Очень сильно опозда... [М.Ю.Розенблюм]

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A swagger young fellow once tried To drive a steam-roller at Hide. When it rolled him out flat, He said, "What of that ? I'm certainly thin, but I'm wide." Прихожанин один в Ланкашире Всю премудрость черпал из псалтыри, Но, попавши разок Под дорожный каток, Стал значительно тоньше и шире. [И.Гр.]

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There was an old man of Nantucket, Who kept all his cash in a bucket His daughter named Nan Ran away with a man And as for the bucket, Nantucket. Мой друг, хватив изрядно лишку, Пихнул в портфель свою сберкнижку. К нему в квартиру в час полночный Посол забрался полномочный. Бессильно друг ругался матом Вослед обоим дипломатам. (М.Ю.Розенблюм)

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A Turk by the name of Haroun Ate whisky by means of a spoon. To one who asked why This Turk made reply: "To drink is forbidden, you loon." Мусульманин Абу-Бен-Симбел Виски ложкой столовою ел. На вопрос, в чем причина, Он сказал: "Дурачина! ПИТЬ спиртное Аллах не велел.“ [В.Гурвич]

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A fly and a flea in a flue Were imprisoned, so what could they do? "Let us fly," said the flea "Let us flee,"said the fly So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

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 There was a Young Lady of Russia,  Who screamed so that no one could hush her;   Her screams were extreme,   No one heard such a scream,  As was screamed by that lady of Russia. Жила дама одна на Руси, Так кричала – святых выноси! Её крик был велик, Был сильнее тот крик Криков всех, что слышны на Руси. [М.А.Цфасман]

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There was an old sorrowful bear, Whose feet – what a pity – were bare. He lived in a cage, To a pretty old age. A life that’s not easy to bear. [M.A.Tsfasman]  

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Alan Alexander Milne 1882-1956 A bear, however hard he tries, Grows tubby without exercise. Our Teddy Bear is short and fat, Which is not to be wondered at; He gets what exercise he can By falling off the ottoman, But generally seems to lack The energy to clamber back. Now tubbiness is just the thing Which gets a fellow wondering; And Teddy worried lots about The fact that he was rather stout. He thought: "If only I were thin! But how does anyone begin?" He thought: "It really isn't fair To grudge one exercise and air."

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For many weeks he pressed in vain His nose against the window-pane, And envied those who walked about Reducing their unwanted stout. None of the people he could see "Is quite" (he said) "as fat as me!" Then, with a still more moving sigh, "I mean" (he said) "as fat as I! One night it happened that he took A peep at an old picture-book, Wherein he came across by chance The picture of a King of France (A stoutish man) and, down below, These words: "King Louis So and So, Nicknamed 'The Handsome!'" There he sat, And (think of it!) the man was fat!

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Our bear rejoiced like anything To read about this famous King, Nicknamed "The Handsome." There he sat, And certainly the man was fat. Nicknamed "The Handsome." Not a doubt The man was definitely stout. Why then, a bear (for all his tub) Might yet be named "The Handsome Cub!" "Might yet be named." Or did he mean That years ago he "might have been"? For now he felt a slight misgiving: "Is Louis So and So still living? Fashions in beauty have a way Of altering from day to day. Is 'Handsome Louis' with us yet? Unfortunately I forget."

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Next morning (nose to window-pane) The doubt occurred to him again. One question hammered in his head: "Is he alive or is he dead?" Thus, nose to pane, he pondered; but The lattice window, loosely shut, Swung open. With one startled "Oh!" Our Teddy disappeared below. There happened to be passing by A plump man with a twinkling eye, Who, seeing Teddy in the street, Raised him politely to his feet, And murmured kindly in his ear Soft words of comfort and of cheer: "Well, well!" "Allow me!" "Not at all." "Tut-tut! A very nasty fall."

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Our Teddy answered not a word; It's doubtful if he even heard. Our bear could only look and look: The stout man in the picture-book! That 'handsome' King - could this be he, This man of adiposity? "Impossible," he thought. "But still, No harm in asking. Yes I will!" "Are you," he said,"by any chance His Majesty the King of France?" The other answered, "I am that," Bowed stiffly, and removed his hat; Then said, "Excuse me," with an air, "But is it Mr Edward Bear?" And Teddy, bending very low, Replied politely, "Even so!"

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They stood beneath the window there, The King and Mr Edward Bear, And, handsome, if a trifle fat, Talked carelessly of this and that.... Then said His Majesty, "Well, well, I must get on," and rang the bell. "Your bear, I think," he smiled. "Good-day!" And turned, and went upon his way. A bear, however hard he tries, Grows tubby without exercise. Our Teddy Bear is short and fat, Which is not to be wondered at. But do you think it worries him To know that he is far from slim? No, just the other way about - He's proud of being short and stout.

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There was a young lady of Sturky Who had an affair with a darkie. The results of their sins Were quadruplets, not twins, One black, and two white, and one khaki. Синьорина одна в Рио-негро Содержала любовника-негра. И от этих затей Родилось пять детей: Черный, белый и три вроде зебры. [В.Гурвич]

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A mathematician named Haines After infinite racking of brains Now says has found A new kind of sound That travels much faster than planes. Математик по имени Петр В результате упорной работы И, конечно, не вдруг Изобрел новый звук, Что летает быстрей самолета. [Кузя]

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There was a young fellow of Clyde, Who was once at a funeral spied, When asked who was dead He smilingly said, "I don't know, I just came for the ride." Намедни встретил дядю Билла, За гробом плелся он уныло. Перекрестившись, я спросил: "Кто это помер, дядя Билл ?“ "Почем я знаю", - буркнул он, "Я совершаю моцион.“ [В.Гурвич]

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A trouble with a kitten is That Eventually it becomes a Cat. [Ogden Nash] Несчастие с котенком В том, Что он становится Котом. [А.К.]

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Here lies the body of Edith Bone. All her life she lived alone, Until death added the final s And put an end to her loneliness. [Edith Bone] Покойник жил как перст один И прозывался Константин, Но всем известен на погосте Под именем игривым кости. [В.Гурвич]

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Epitaph for himself Life is a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, but now I know it. [John Gay] Какая шутка - наша жизнь земная! Так раньше думал я. Теперь я это знаю. [С.Маршак ] Жизнь насмешкой мне казалась. Так оно и оказалось. [В.Гурвич]

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Tombstone of a dentist Stranger, approach this spot with gravity: John Brown is filling his last cavity.