6th form Unit VI Home, Sweet Home...

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6th form Unit VI Home, Sweet Home...

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Theme: My Flat. My House. Poem «Our Flat» Texts Exerseces The Preposition of Place Test Topic «My Flat. My House»

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Задачи урока: Создание речевой ситуации по теме «Мой дом»

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Цели урока: Закрепление лексических и грамматических навыков. Формирование навыков общения в рамках речевой ситуации «Мой дом». Развитие речи учащихся и их мышления. Контроль грамматических навыков. Воспитание умения работать в коллективе и слушать друг друга.

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Our Flat Our large family Has a nice flat We live there happily With a kitten and a cat. My sister and brother All go to school We help one another It’s a good rule. We help our mother When she washes and cooks. Together with father We like to read books.

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Look at the picture for a moment. Name all the things you can remember seeng. house kitchen-garden garden bathroom kitchen window door flower children family toy garage

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Listen to the text and say what is wrong and what is right? Mr John White lives in Russian. His house is not very large. In front of the house there is a kitchen-garden. There is a garden behind the house. The children don’t play there in fine weather.

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Look at the picture and complate these sentences: There is a… in the picture. There is a … at the wall. There is a … on the floor. You can see a … on the table. There is a… in the corner of the wall. There is a … at the window. There is a … at the table. You can see many … in the vase. There are … on the wall. There are no … in the room.

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Where is the cat? Near on the left of on the right of above under at behind the the the the the предлоги

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Look at the picture and write questions : What is it? Where is it? Ask your classmate:

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What is this? What do you see in the picture? What is there in the room?

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Let’s see if you know the names of the roomsin the flat? Complate the sentences. We cook in the … . We sleep in the … . We watch TV in the … . We eat in the … . We read books in the … . We take off our overcoast in the … .

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Flat House A hall A dinning room A living room A children’s room A bedroom A kitchen ЛЕ ЛЕ

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Do you know the words on the topic «My house. My Flat» Can you name the furniture? Can you use the preposition of place? Can you describe your house? Can you tell about your flat? What do you know?

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There is / there are Оборот there is / there are употребляется для того, чтобы указать на наличие или отсутствие какого-либо предмета или лица в определённом месте. Предложения с оборотом there is / there are переводятся с конца (сам оборот отдельно не переносится). Оборот there is употребляется, если за ним следует существительное в единственном числе (исчисляемое существительное употребляется с неопределённым артиклем). Оборот there are употребляется , если за ним следует существительное во множественном числе (существительное во множественном числе употребляется без артикля). Если в предложении несколько существительных, то оборот выбирается по существительному, стоящему сразу после него. There is What? Where?

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