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BauProfi* Research of the construction materials professional consumers Building the future together! * The usage right to this methodology belongs to BauMarketingTM (according to the Law of Ukraine “About the copyright and related rights”)

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About the project BauProfi is a questionnaire-based research, conducted for several clients and on several issues. It gives the opportunity to each market player to reduce significantly the costs for necessary market research conduct, to receive in short terms quick and inexpensive information on vide spectrum of questions, connected with professional audience of construction market players. The peculiarity of the project is its periodicity, which gives the opportunity to track the market changes dynamics. 3

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About the project BauProfi is a good basis for the construction materials manufacturers and the trading organizations to discover the following questions: The attitude to the proposed products, brands; Comparison with the competitors; Testing of the new products proposition; Defining of the Media preferences (where the professional consumers source the information about the materials, innovations, etc.); Volume and the specific of the different materials purchase; Peculiarities of the construction materials and suppliers choice decision making; Brands and suppliers awareness; Regional peculiarities, etc. 4

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Obligatory information section Obligatory information section includes the following: Company-employer of the respondent: Specialization Income Annual construction volume Number of employees Region About the respondent: Position His role in the purchase decision making Experience 5

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Advantages of the participation in the project Like the majority of the syndicative researches, this type of research has the following advantages: The opportunity to receive the most “fresh” information about the private construction and re-construction market, and about its dynamics in short terms. The expenses for the syndicative research is much lower than for the exclusive research conduct. The client has the opportunity to order the number and the character of questions, included into the questionnaire. The right to the information, received within this questionnaire section, belongs to the client only. The regular participation in the project gives the opportunity to follow the market situation development trend, to receive the information about the new trends in the consumer preferences, competitors’ activity, market volume, etc. 6

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Investigated products The main list of the construction materials under investigation ceilings, floors dividing walls, doors drainback systems windows roofing and the related materials decoration materials, ССС 7 air-conditioning, heating isolation materials and other

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Methodology and sample Data collection methodology The main data collection method – face-to-face interview with the professional consumers. The respondents are: users (construction supervisors); heads of the supply departments of the big and medium construction companies; architects, project managers. Sample size is 300 interviews. The sample is specific and random for the total Ukraine. During the survey it’s interviewed the representatives of the construction companies, architecture bureaus with the annual income of the company no less than 500 thousand UAH. It is possible the individual expansion of the sample by quantity and by structure of respondents (Joint-Stock companies, separately working teams, installators, special work teams). Sample calculation is based on the database of the construction companies and architecture bureaus; the respondents are proportionally spread by the investigated cities. The following cities are covered by the research: Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Yalta, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Lvov, Khmelnitsky. 8

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Collected information quality control Field work quality control: 100% control of the questionnaires filling in; Random control of the interview conduct and completeness – 100%; Logical control 100%. 9

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2008 project schedule 10 А В С D E А – submission of questions and conclusion of agreements; В – preparation to the field works; С – data collection (field work); D – preparation of the report; Е – provision of the report. 15.04 19.04 12.05 30.05 31.05 Note: BauMarketing® has the right to change the terms of the project conduct for 1-2 days.

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The form of the reports The results of the research are provided to the Client in the following way (under the Clients request and the preliminary agreement): database in SPSS / ОSА format; standard report with the sample description; one and two dimension tables in Excel format; print report; electronic report (Ms Word, Power Point presentation). The ownership to the questions and the results (except for the obligatory information block) belongs to the Client. 11

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Contacts Address: 7, Brullova street Kiev 03049 Tel.: + 38 044 248-91-45 + 38 044 248-07-11 + 38 044 244-05-91 + 38 044 561-42-31 + 38 067 401-42-31 Fax: + 38 044 248-91-45 Project manager – Victoria Pasechnik Victoria.Pasechnik@baumarketing.com.ua 12