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Intelligence framework for labour-market and educational services resources management “Personal reserve” Authors: Antonets A. Galushkin M. c.t.s. Kravets A. Scientific adviser: Prof., d.t.s. Kamaev V.

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Future trends In the immediate future intelligence framework for labour-market and educational services resources management "PERSONAL RESERVE" will be completed with new fundamental functional capabilities: Usage of flexible system based on different methods of personnel selection Exchange data with other recruitment agencies, standardization of data formats. Universalisation of data formats for other universities to use. Initially “Personnel reserve” system deals with: Automatic selection of specialists in accordance with required demands Forming statistics information concerning vacancies, specialists, regional companies Monitoring of the changes and renewed data concerning specialists Estimation of a specialist based on the rating system Research of the professional growth dynamics Vacancies, specialists and regional business information search Using in different kinds of enterprises Loading information about vacancies from basic regional virtual Internet portals employment agencies Taking into account knowledge and their importance for specialists selection on available vacancies Work results

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Foundation hypothesis

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Profession model Knowledge model Demands model Trade model Data-analytical basic concept models (general models). Models

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M … … ... Knowledge Knowledge rating Area of knowledge 1 Area of knowledge N a a r Result 1.1.I Result 1.1.L Knowledge 1.1 Knowledge 1.K Result N.1.V Result N.1.W Knowledge N.1 Knowledge N.Q Result 1.К.R Result 1.К.S Result N.Q.T Result N.Q.U ... ... ... M RESULT Aspect Descriptor a a Level Term a a Knowledge rating r … … Specialist knowledge model

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Intelligence framework for labour-market and educational services resources management "PERSONAL RESERVE": Subsystem «Vacancies» Subsystem «Enterprises» Subsystem «Vacancies automatic selection» Subsystem «Trade growth» Subsystem «Analysis and predication» Multi-agent module for virtual employment agency interaction System architecture User computer Lacal network “Personal reserve” Database server PHP, MySQL

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System-work principle

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Multiple-way search algorithm

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You must choose direction of education for specialists selection.

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Further, you must indicate necessary knowledge for your vacancy

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This table shows the results of the selection.

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Rating registers by the way of marks from 0 and to 100.

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This table shows ranking specialist rating.

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This diagram shows trade growth dinamics

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This diagramm shows statistics, which forms with the system-work process.