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2 PASSIVE VOICE is used when something is done to the subject The clouds were blown away by the wind. Облака разгонялись ветром.

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3 The dog is taken for a walk by Mr. Green. Собака выводится на прогулку Мистером Грином.

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4 THE GENERAL FORMULA to BE + V 3 to be is changed according to the tense and the subject : Present Simple: to be = am / is / are I am always asked to look after his dog. Past Simple: to be = was / were I was asked to look after his dog yesterday. Future Simple: to be = shall / will be I shall be asked at the next lesson.

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5 ACTIVE VOICE do not exist in Passive Voice

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6 PASSIVE VOICE to be + V3 Am/is/ are + V3 to be + V3 ______________________ The house is built every day.

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7 PASSIVE VOICE to be + V3 Was /were + V3 to be + V3 _____________________ The house was built last year.

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8 PASSIVE VOICE to be + V3 Shall/will + V3 to be + V3 __________________________ The house will be built next year.

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9 PAY ATTENTION The hunter killed the duck. The duck was killed by the hunter. THE SUBJECT(подлежащее) AND THE OBJECT (дополнение)REPLACED EACH OTHER(поменялись местами)

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10 If it is not known or not important who did the action, miss it in the sentence in Passive Voice Если вы не знаете, кто совершил действие или вам не важно, кто его совершил, не упоминайте данное лицо в страдательном залоге. They built the church in the 18 –th century. The church was built in the 18 – th century by them. Для описания того, кем или чем совершается действие, используются предлоги BY и WITH The church was built in the 18 – th century by builders.

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BY WITH BY употребляется перед одушевленным предметом , а также после глаголов make, write, destroy, visit, break, discover др. Made by- сделанный кем-то By me, by you, by him, by her, by us, by them. WITH употребляется перед предметом, инструментом, которые используются для совершения действия With a pen- с помощью ручки 11

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В предложениях с глаголом в пассивном залоге предлог часто оказывается в конце предложения: I don’t like to be laughed at.- Я не люблю, когда надо мной смеются. 12

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13 A.V. The company often sends Tom abroad 1.change the subject and the object: Tom ………… by the company. 2. Find the verb and find out its tense sends Present Simple 3.Put the verb into the formula of this tense in Passive according to the subject is sent P.V. Tom is often sent abroad by the company If you want to change the sentence from Active into Passive, you must:

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  It’s time to have a rest now. Stand up please. Let’s do some exercises. Head and shoulders Knees and toes, Knees and toes, Knees and toes, Head and shoulders Knees and toes, Eyes, ears, mouth and nose. 14

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Сравните место предлога в русском и английском языке. 15

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Translate the sentences into English 1. Надо мной смеются. I am laughed at. 2.За ней посылают. She is sent for. 3.Его слушают. He is listened to. 4. О нем говорят. He is spoken about. 5.За ней ухаживают. She is looked after. 6.О них думают. They are thought of. 16

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Рut the prepositions in brackets in the correct place in the sentence. 17 1.Who is the story written ?(by) Who is the story written by? 2.What are you looking?(for) What are you looking for? 3.Why do you take care this old tree?(of) Why do you take care of this old tree? 4. Who is made fun in your class?(of) Who is made fun of in your class? 5. What were you laughing when I open the door?(at) What were you laughing at when I open the door? 6.What is Russia reach?(in) What is Russia reach in? 7. What are you proud most of all?(of) What are you proud of most of all?

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It's Valentine's Day. It's Valentine's Day. And in the street There's freezing rain, and slush, and sleet. The wind is fierce. The skies are gray. I don't think I'll go out today. But here inside the weather's warm. There is no trace of wind or storm. And you just made the morning shine. You said you'd be my Valentine.   18