Тема: «Животные» Учебная ситуация: «Посещение общества охраны животных»

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Тема: «Животные» Учебная ситуация: «Посещение общества охраны животных» Урок английского языка, 7 класс

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Цель: Познакомить деятельностью организаций по охране природы.

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International environmental organizations: WWF GREENPEACE FRIENDS OF THE EARTH Do you know any information about them?

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W W F WWF was officially founded on 11 September 1961. Among the founders were Sir Julian Huxley, the biologist and Sir Peter Scott, the naturalist and painter, who designed the original panda logo. WWF offices were set up in many countries, starting with the UK.

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GREENPEACE Greenpeace was founded in 1971. Today Greenpeace currently has a presence in 41 countries. Greenpeace is a non-governmental non-profit organization. It unites people of all nations, colors and languages. A Greenpeace office in our country was established in 1989.

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FRIENDS OF THE EARTH Friends of the Earth was set in 1971. It is the most extensive environmental network in the world. It has almost 1 million supporters all over the world.

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