Don’t learn English!

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Don’t learn English! Unit 4 lessons 1-2 УМК К. Кауфман «Happy English. ru» 8 класс Учитель Яковлева Т.В. Октябрьская средняя школа Челябинская область

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Do you want to travel abroad and be able to speak English to a waiter in a hotel?

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Would you like to be one of top-class diplomats, politicians, artists, businessmen, scientists?

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Do you want to make friends with people from other countries?

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Do you want to get access to the Internet and be able to surf it day and night?

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Would you like to understand the words of English songs?

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Do you want to get news first and watch international networks CNN and the BBC?

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Would you like to find a fantastic job and earn a lot of money?

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If your answer is “No”, follow our advice: Don’t learn English!

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Read the statistics: In 2000 nineteen out of twenty of the most popular films were American. A billion and a half people understand English. One billion are learning it. A billion websites in the Internet are in English. English is the language most spoken in the world.

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Match the words and their translations: 1. to look at 2. to look after 3. to look forward to doing smth. 4. to look like smb. 5. to look for 6. to look smth. up a) искать b) заботиться о ком-то c) с нетерпением ждать чего-то d) быть похожим на e) посмотреть что-то в словаре f) смотреть на Answers: 1f, 2b, 3c, 4d, 5a, 6e

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