Company Presentation «Yakovlev & Partners»

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Company Presentation «Yakovlev & Partners» LAW OFFICE

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Company History The professional law group “Yakovlev & Partners” started its small business in 1990 as a limited liability company “MaTEC” (Marketing, Trading, Engineering and Consulting) founded by a group of lawyers, who had comprehensive experience of work in the state structures. In 1995 the Company was renamed as LLC “MaTEC. Yakovlev & Partners” with its new activity of rendering legal assistance to Russian business both in Russia and abroad. In 2003 a number of the Company executives formed the Moscow Collegium of Advocates “Yakovlev & Partners”. Establishment of the Collegium allowed distinguishing between two main directions of the company’s work: advocates work mostly in courts, lawyers of “MaTEC. Yakovlev & Partners” provide legal consulting services. LAW OFFICE

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The law group is a member of Lawspan International - an international association of law, accounting and consulting firms throughout the world - Geneva Group International (with the head office in Zurich, Switzerland), which unites more than 350 professional companies with 1470 partners and 12000 specialists in more than 66 countries all over the world. Thus, clients of our company may enjoy all-inclusive legal services abroad. LAW OFFICE

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Banking, finance, insurance (establishment, reorganization, financial rehabilitation of credit organizations, broadening the spectrum of banking operations) Tax consulting and tax disputes (tax planning, optimization of taxable base, issues of avoiding double taxation, prosecution of tax cases in courts of all levels) Corporate practice (merger and acquisition, division, segregation, takeover, reorganization of legal entities, corporate management, bankruptcy) Commercial practice/ FDI legal support (green field & brown field, monetary regulation, external economic activities, customs administration) Intellectual property (registration of trademarks and license agreements, patent acquisition, protection of the artists’ and patent-holders’ rights in Russia and abroad) Land, property, construction (land, buildings, constructions, uncompleted construction deals; purchase, rent, tenancy, donation, mortgage etc. contracts) Investment consulting (support of capital markets deals, IPO preparation and holding, bonded loans and bill debts issuance and floating, holding companies restructuring, assets management and legal support) Litigation and Arbitration (defense of clients’ interests in courts of various jurisdictions, arbitrazh (commercial) courts of all levels and arbitration tribunals, international commercial arbitration, mediation) Main practices of the Company LAW OFFICE

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Banking, Finance, Insurance Services Igor A. Dubov Head of financial practices We provide legal support for: Bank establishment Bank acquisition, by non-residents including Making amendments to foundation documents of banks Increase of the authorized capital of the bank, through issue of shares including Obtaining permits to purchase more than 20% shares (stakes) in the credit organization Securitization deals Subordinated loans attraction Merger and acquisition in financial sector We render: Legal counseling on the issues of currency legislation Legal support of bank operations Counsel to the banks on the issues of tax legislation and representing interest of the banks in tax disputes LAW OFFICE

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Tax advice and tax disputes Ekaterina A. Leonenkova Head of Practice We provide wide range of services in the field of tax legislation: Tax advice on calculation and payment of taxes Tax planning Advice on optimization of taxable base Assessment of tax effects of the deals and investment projects Legal support of financial and economical activities of foreign companies and Russian companies with 100% foreign capital Reveal and assessment of tax risks Defense of legal entities’ rights in administrative procedure Appeal of decisions of the tax bodies and institution of tax liability Tax cases prosecution in arbitrazh (commercial) courts and regular courts Advice on double taxation Defense of taxpayers’ rights in law enforcement structures LAW OFFICE

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Corporate Practice Maya A. Chudutova Head of Corporate Practice The accumulated experience enables us to render a wide range of services: Support of merger and acquisition deals Legal audit (Due Diligence) Antimonopoly legislation/Natural monopolies Corporate restructuring Corporate management Securities Establishment and support of activities of enterprises, with foreign investments including Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Settlement of corporate disputes LAW OFFICE

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Commercial practice/ FDI projects support Full legal support of current economical activities, including drafting contracts and due diligence of the concluded contracts, representing interests before the state bodies on the issues of licensing, currency regulation, land relations Preparation and analysis of economic contracts Participation in negotiations in the course of pre-trial settlement of disputes on execution of contract obligations. Counsel on the issues of transacting business in Russia and abroad Comprehensive analysis and preparation of legal opinion on wide range of economic issues and international private law Advise in the issues of investment in the Russian Federation in general and separate regions in particular Legal due diligence of status of the site selected for placement of the investment objects Drafting investment contracts, statements of intentions with the regional and local municipal bodies Legal support of purchase of the selected site (legal support of the deal, participation in negotiating conditions of purchase of the site) Advise on import of equipment, also as a contribution to the authorized capital. Post-investment legal assistance LAW OFFICE

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Commercial practice/ FDI projects support Olga S. Lazareva Head of the Practice, Deputy Director of LLC “MaTEC. Yakovlev & Partners” LAW OFFICE

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MAJOR PROJECTS SUPPORT Company provides legal support of the project on execution of the client’s exclusive intellectual property rights created under construction of unique atomic floating thermal power stations, having no analogues in the world PATENT ACQUISITION Company defends foreign and Russian rightholders before the Federal Intellectual Service (Rospatent), the Eurasia patent department on the issues connected with the procedure of patent acquisition, renewal of the term of patent TRADEMARKS REGISTRATION Firm provides all-inclusive legal services in registration of verbal, graphic and combined designations with “Rospatent” PROTECTION OF ARTISTS’ RIGHTS IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD The Company specialists provide legal support for the Russian actors activities during their musical projects. Intellectual property Olga S. Lazareva Head of the Practice LAW OFFICE

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We provide the following services in the field of real estate: Legal support of real estate deals Legal expertise (due diligence) of real estate rights Legal support of investment construction projects Consulting and preparation of tender documentation Drafting the state and municipal contracts Settlement of disputes between householders and exploiting (operating) companies in cottage housing Defense of clients’ interests in courts etc. Land, Real Estate, Construction Nina K. Evstratova Head of the Practice LAW OFFICE

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This practice is represented by our best specialists, who have multi-annual practical experience of defending clients’ interest in regular courts, commercial courts and arbitration tribunals. We are involved in judicial proceedings of all levels, including commercial courts of federal constituent subjects, appellate and cassation courts, Higher Arbitrazh (commercial) court. We have experience in defending clients’ interests in arbitration tribunals, such as International Commercial Arbitration court at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, and the Arbitration Institute of Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm. Litigation and Arbitration Kira V. Koruma Head of the Practice LAW OFFICE

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Our clients are Russian and foreign state and public organizations, commercial enterprises, individuals. Our services are in demand with enterprises and companies of the Banking sector, Oil and Gas industry, Industrial production, Power industry, Construction, Air and railway transport; Food industry; Trade, Entertaining business, etc. Clientele: LAW OFFICE

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Наши клиенты LAW OFFICE

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American Chamber of Commerce Russo-Italian Chamber of Commerce Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Russo- German Chamber of Commerce Russian-Swedish Club “Yakovlev&Partners” is a member of: LAW OFFICE

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Professional group “Yakovlev and Partners” provides wide range of legal services to Russian and foreign companies and individuals both in Russia and abroad. Company has representative offices in: Kirov Nizhny Novgorod Samara Tver Saratov All our offices employ qualified lawyers, who exercise the knowledge and practical experience accumulated by the lawyers of the head office. Regional offices LAW OFFICE

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Office in Kirov Alexei D. Vinokurov Director of Kirov Office “Yakovlev & Partners” Email: vinokurov@matec.ru Address: 23, Orlovskaya street, Kirov, 610002 , Phone: (8332) 67-02-06; fax: (8332) 67-01-10 Office of our company in Kirov has an intense experience of work with the Second appellate court located in the city of Kirov, which considers applications challenging the judicial acts of Arbitrazh (commercial) courts of Komi Republic, Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions. Legal support of FDI projects in the region: - construction of the blood transfusion factory in cooperation with 2 German companies – «Glatt Ing Technik GmbH» and «FCA GmbH» (Germany); - setup and support of activities of the timber processing holding (Luxembourg) LAW OFFICE

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Office in Nizhny Novgorod Office of the Company in Nizhniy Novgorod provides the whole spectrum of legal services to its clients, who due to their industrial specifics transact business not only in the Nizhniy Novgorod region, but also in the other regions of Russia, including Privolzhskiy Federal District. During five years of work of the firm “Yakovlev & Partners” in Nizhniy Novgorod the major production companies of fuel-and-energy and mechanical engineering industry, financial organizations and banks, foreign companies, investment construction companies, trading network companies, small and medium businesses have become our clients. Support of FDI projects in Nizhniy Novgorod: construction of the production complex “Freudenberg Polytex” in the town of Zavolzhye, production complex “Trosifol” in the town of Bor, putting into operation the second stage of the glass empties factory “Rusjam” (Turkey) in the town of Gorokhovets, Vladimir region etc. Oleg V. Timofeev Director of Nizhniy Novgorod Office “Yakovlev & Partners” Email: oleg@matec.ru Phone: (8312) 278-02-90; fax: (8312) 278-02-90 Address: 3, Kostina street, office 411, Nizhniy Novgorod, 603000 LAW OFFICE

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Office in Samara Office of the Company in Samara is experienced at performing function of external legal adviser under legal services agreements with the bank organizations having branches in Samara. Lawyers of the firm represent clients’ interests in courts of different levels, including magistrates of Samara and Samara region, cassation and supervisory levels of the Samara regional court, Arbitrazh (Commercial) court of Samara region; the Eleventh Apellate court, the Federal Arbitrazh (Commercial) court of Povolzhye district. Support of FDI projects in the region: Activities in the field of technological service (Slovenia, USA) Denis Gerasimov Director of Samara Office “Yakovlev & Partners’ Email: gerasimov@matec.ru Phone: +7 (846) 333-53-43; fax: +7 (846) 333-62-53 Address: 201, Chapaevskaya str., Samara, 443010, office 206 LAW OFFICE

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Office in Tver Office of the Company in Tver offers wide range of legal services to clients, who due to specific character of their activities develop their business not only in Tver region, but in other regions of Russia . During 3 years of our work in Tver large foreign enterprises, different industrial companies, small and medium businesses, non-commercial partnerships, municipal enterprises have become our clients. One of independent activities of our office is a complex legal support of the Russian and foreign investors, who resolved to open branches in Tver region. Veronika V. Salnikova Director of Tver office “Yakovlev & Partners” E-mail : veronika@matec.ru Phone: +7 (4822) 32-01-02 Fax: (4822) 32-01-03 Address: 2, Novotorzhskaya street, office 5, Tver, 170000 Major investment projects: Weatherboard plant construction “TEKOS” (Belgium) Glass fiber plant construction “Alstrom Tver” (Finland) Ironwork plant construction “Verkogan” (Belgium) LAW OFFICE

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Our Contacts 2, Bolshoi Kazennyi pereulok, P.O. Box 82, Moscow, 105062, Russia Phone: +7 (495) 956-29-92 Факс: +7 (495) 956-29-93 E-mail: matec@aha.ru www.matec.ru LAW OFFICE