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THE BEATLES ©Баркова И.М. учитель анг яз. ГОУ № 598 2007г The split

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CONTENT The story of the split. Tasks. The list of used materials.

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The Beatles, changed pop music forever. Their first single, “Love Me Do”, in 1962, was more exciting than most records at the time. Soon hysteria called “Beatlemania” swept Britain and soon, America.

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When the media focused on the new group, it soon became clear that Lennon was not like other pop stars. He was never quite comfortable with the Beatles “nice” image. His and McCartney’s music became more “psychedelic”

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In 1966, Lennon met Japanese artist Yoko Ono. Soon he found there was more he wanted to do on his own , or with Yoko. In 1968 he told the other Beatles of his decision to leave.

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The real split came in 1971, when Paul McCartney also decided their partnership should end.

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Tasks: True or False? The Beatles had more fans than any other group. Lennon influenced the changes in the group’s music and. Yoko Ono told John to leave the group . John’s relationship with Yoko was more important to him than The Beatles. The Beatles are not popular today.

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USED MATERIALS Student’s book, 9 written by Kuzovlev V.P. Internet