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Top-notch proactive technologies The fastest speed of response to new malware threats Most frequently tested signature updates Largest number of formats supported where viruses could hide Best-of-class spyware protection Unsurpassed detection rates combined with minimal false alarms What Makes a Great Antivirus Solution? Free technical support What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution?

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Integrated Protection Against Spyware and Crimeware What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution? www.computerbild.de July 2005

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Certification from the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) CheckMark Certified by West Coast Lab Novell Yes Certification Red Hat Ready Partner SuSe Linux Technology Partner Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Symbian Platinum Partner Confirmed by Industry Certifications What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution?

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The largest number of industry awards from computer magazines and business organisations from Germany, UK, France, Spain, Russia, USA, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and other countries across the globe. And International Awards What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution?

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Great Anti-Virus is not just a result of technology … … but also to the experience and expertise of the anti-virus research team that constantly fights the newest threats What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution?

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Continuously updated database of virus signatures currently contains more than 188,000 records (19/04/06) www.viruslist.com provides you with the information needed to surf the Internet safely classes of malicious programs what to do if you are infected the history of computer viruses The Analyst’s Diary published online by our international team of virus analysts gives you expert information on new malware and security trends Industry’s Most Comprehensive Knowledge Resource What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution?

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Protection at Every Level of Your Network What Makes a Great Anti-Virus Solution? Mobile Devices Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm PCs (SOHO & Personal) Microsoft Windows Firewalls Microsoft ISA Server Check Point Firewall-1 Groupware Servers Microsoft Exchange Server IBM Lotus Domino Workstations Microsoft Windows Linux File Servers Microsoft Windows Novell Netware Linux, FreeBSD Samba Email Gateways Linux, FreeBSD Notebooks Microsoft Windows, Linux Administration Server

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