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Guess the meaning of these idioms: Объедаться Падать замертво Дурачиться Pigging out Dropping like flies Horsing around

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Guess the meaning of these idioms: When pigs fly A piece of cake Egg on your face Make do with less Маловероятное событие Проще простого Выглядеть глупо Экономить

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Match the “dog” idioms with their Russian equivalents. 1. Every dog has its day 2. Every dog is a lion at home 3. A good dog deserves a good bone 4. A dog in the manger 5. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on 6. Let sleeping dogs lie Собака на сене По заслугам и честь Будет и на вашей улице праздник Собака лает, ветер носит Не буди лихо, пока оно спит Всяк кулик в своём болоте велик

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Match the idioms with the phrases explaining them a) Very pleased about something. b) To do something that makes people angry. c) Last your tongue? d) In a nervous or excited way. e) Fighting badly. f) Somebody rich and powerful. h) To tell people a secret. 1. A fat cat 2. To let the cat out of the bag 3. Like cat and dog. 4. Like a cat on hot bricks. 5. Like the cat that got the cream. 6. Put the cat among the pigeons. 7. Has the cat got your tongue?

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Fit idioms in the sentences: Tell me ___________________ what he said. I’m a little _______________ today. ____________________________, we won. ______________________ to the teacher! Don’t talk back under the weather word for word To make a long story short

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Illustrate one of the idioms. Write the situation with this idiom.

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