Ancient Cities in Europe and Their Historical Heritage as Economic and Political Resource

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Ancient Cities in Europe and Their Historical Heritage as Economic and Political Resource Valentin Stepanov The International University of Business and New Technology Mass Communication Department

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В Европе, исключая Россию, Украину и Белоруссию в восточной части, насчитывается 102 645 территориальных единиц, более 800 регионов. There are 102 645 towns and cities in Europe and over 800 regions BE DIFFERENT OR DIE. THE QUESTION OF BRANDING

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The main topics to be discussed Do ancient cities in Europe need a new life? What a new life of ancient cities might be? Who provide ancient cities with a new life? HISTORICAL HERITAGE OF ANCIENT CITIES. QUI PRODEST?

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Evaluation of historical and cultural heritage of ancient cities as their economic and political resource is an issue of city administrating and strategic planning Brand Building for Ancient Cities

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Main Goal Make up minds of intellectuals who might be involved in city planning and strategy building process in Europe in future

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Main Finding Work out principles of vision and proposals for brand building strategy in ancient cities in Europe

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CITY ANNIVERSARY AS MAIJOR EVENT Псков 1100 лет 2003 г. Санкт-Петербург 300 лет 2003 г. Томск 400 лет 2004 г. Казань 1000 лет 2005 г. Ярославль 1000 лет 2010 г.

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Frankfurt (Germany) «Финансовая столица Европы» | FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF EUROPE Glasgow (Great Britain) «Художественная столица Европы» / ART CAPITAL OF EUROPE Luxembourg (Luxembourg) «Медиапорт Европы» \ MEDIA PORT OF EUROPE Stockholm (Sweden) «Культурный город Европы» \ CULTURE CITY OF EUROPE

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Instruments Вuдение / VISION Образ \ IMAGE Вызовы | CHALLENGES Преимущества \ ADVANTAGES Приоритеты \ PRIORITIES

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WORKSHOP 1 Креатив vs. Стратегия Creativeness vs. Strategy: what is more effective in building a new life for ancient cities?

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WORKSHOP 2 Культура vs. Глобализация: партнеры или противники CULTURE VS. GLOBALIZATION: PARTNERS OR ENEMIES

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WORKSHOP 3 Какие новые профессии нужны старым городам? WHAT NEW PROFESSIONS DO ANCIENT CITIES NEED?

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