To know everything, is to know nothing.

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To know everything, is to know nothing.

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a representative [,repri`zent?tiv] – представитель to represent [,repri`zent] – представлять, сообщать a trunk [tr ?k] - ствол a support [s?`p :t] - помощь to support – оказывать помощь to obey [?`bei] – подчиняться, выполнять a term [t?:m]- семестр, строк an amendment [?`mendm?nt] – исправлениие to declare [di`kle?] – заявлять, объявлять

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a bill [bil] – cчет, список a decision – решение to vote [v?ut] – принимать решение a court [k :t] - суд to judge – судить a judge – судья a citizen [`sitiz?n] - гражданин no matter how (what, where, who) – не зависимо от того как (что, где, кто) all in all – в итоге, в общем и целом armed forces – вооруженные силы

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1.In the group of tourists there were of many cities. 2.Who is going to your class at the competition? 3.I sat down on a fallen tree . 4.Will you help me? I need your . 5.Will you me in the argument? 6.They me without a question. representatives represent trunk support support obeyed

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7.Are you going to have a lot of English classes this . 8.Changes in the Constitution are called . 9.The for dinner was over twelve dollars. 10.I think that I made the wrong . 11.The people «yes» on the refendum. 12.Silence in ! term amendments bill decision voted court

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13.Who will the next case? 14.She is a good of character. 15.When did he become a US . 16.I`ll finish the job, long it takes. we spent ten days travelling in Italy. 18.What can you say about the British judge judge citizen no matter how All in all armed forces .

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1.Я слышал,как он играет в доме на рояле. 2.Никто не заметил,как он вошел и сел. 3.Я почувствовал,что Ник положил мне руку на плечо. 4.Мы видели,что они прыгнули с парашютом. I heard him playing the piano in the house. Nobody noticed him come in and sit down. I felt Nick put his hand on my shoulder. We saw them jump with parachutes.

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5.На остановке она увидела еще одну девушку,ожидающую автобуса. 6.Я слышал,как он говорил учителю об этом. 7.Я слышал,как он открывает дверь. 8.Я увидел,как птицы полетели к лесу. At the stop she saw another girl waiting for the bus. I heard him telling the teacher about it. I heard him opening the door. I saw the birds fly to wood.

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9.Мы увидели,что она переплывает реку. 10.Я почувствовала,что кто-то смотрит на меня. We saw her swimming across the river. I felt somebody looking at me.

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1. The War of Independence began in …… b) 1785 c) 1875 2. The war of Independence ended in …… a) 1780 c) 1873 3. The Constitution was written in …… a) New York b) Washington 4. The Constitution is a …… building in Washington c) group of people 5. The US Government has …… branches. b) four c)five a) 1775 b) 1783 c) Philadelphia b) law a) three

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6. People who work in the Senate are called senators people who in the House of Representatives are called …… housemen c) members of Parliament 7. There are …… senators than congressmen in the Congress. b) a lot more c) fewer 8. The US President`s term is …… b) 4 years c) 6 years b) congressmen a) more a) 2 years