The Origins of English

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The Origins of English

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English the grammar and many of the most frequent words are GERMANIC the more formal and technical vocabulary is LATINATE (=derived from Latin)

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Until the 4th century – Britain was inhabited by Celts In the 4th century – the Anglo-Saxons (англосаксы – общее название древнегерманских племён) invaded Britain In 1066 – the French-speaking Normans invaded England

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Britain’s Other Languages

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Scotland Wales The Isle of Man (=остров Мэн; в Ирландском море, в группе Британских островов) Cornwall (=Корнуолл; полуостров на юго-западе Великобритании) Ireland

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Cornish (= the language of Cornwall) Manx ( = the language of The Isle of Man) Gaelic (=г(а)эльский; язык шотландских кельтов) Scots Gaelic (in Scotland) Irish Gaelic (in Ireland) Welsh (in Wales)