Past Simple

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Past Simple Прошедшее простое

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Действие произошло в прошлом. Мы констатируем факт, который не имеет связи с настоящим. Временные указатели: Yesterday Last year/month/week An hour ago In 1991

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Образование: + VII/Ved - didn’t V ? Did V !!! В предложениях с глаголами was/were вспомогательный глагол did не требуется!

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Окончание ed читается и произносится: [t] - после глухих согласных watched, helped, cooked [d] - после звонких согласных и гласных cleaned, played, skied [id] - после звуков [t], [d] wanted, skated, congratulated

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Утвердительные предложения: My Mum bought a sofa. It was green. I liked the sofa a lot. My Dad thought it was a nice sofa.

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Вопросительные предложения: Did you play hockey when you were a child? Did he like the game yesterday? Was he a good player last month?

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Отрицательные предложения: I did not go to the hospital yesterday. He didn’t want to become a dentist. She didn’t like his work.

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My favourite trip! In 2004 I was in the USA. My friends and I took a trip to the Liberty Island. We saw the Statue of Liberty there. It didn’t rain. The weather was nice and sunny. I liked the trip very much!

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Thank you! By Maslova N.V.