Past simple

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Past simple Правильные (по правилу) Неправильные (не по правилу) see – saw go – went have – had say – said fly – flew fall – fell put - put - play – played walk – walked want – wanted open – opened live – lived finish – finished Help - helped

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Cпутники простого прошедшего времени Yesterday - вчера The day before yesterday - позавчера Ten days ago - десять дней тому назад A week ago - неделю тому назад A month ago - месяц тому назад Last year - в прошлом году Last summer - прошлым летом Last night - вчера вечером Once - однажды

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Listen and read watched walked talked finished looked helped liked played learned tried (try) cried (cry) smiled studied (study) lived skated wanted collected painted (paint - рисовать, красить) needed (need – нуждаться (t) после глухих согласных основы (d) после гласных и звонких согласных основы (id) после (t)и (d) основы

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opened, cried, finished, smiled, skied, collected, wanted, washed, pushed, watched, helped, studied, jumped, climbed, danced, asked, worked, watered, answered, listened, liked, painted, invited. Read with the right ending:

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Yesterday I (go) to the park. I (meet) my best friends there. It (be) sunny and frosty. We (ski) and (skate) in the park. We (like) it very much. We (want) to go to the park next weekend, too. Восстанови рассказ:

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Look at the pictures and say what Ted usually does at home. What did he do yesterday? (does his homework)

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goes shopping

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makes his bed

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lays the table

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repairs his bike

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answers phone calls

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cleans his room

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feeds his dog

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waters the flowers