Dear ladies and gentlemen!

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The President of Joint Stock Company “Adams” invites you to take part in the investment project of building a new residential area with all objects of public use which is situated in the centre of Kamyanets-podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi region. Dear ladies and gentlemen!

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We send you the ratified conception of the building up of the mentioned residential area.

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Grushevskyi avenue Danyla Galytskogo street Shopping and Entertainment Centre Hotel Business Centre Sports Complex 9-storied buildings 4-storied buildings Town-houses Pushkinska street

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Grushevskyi avenue Pushkinska street

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Grushevskyi avenue Danyla Galytskogo street Shopping and Entertainment Centre Hotel Business Centre Sports Complex 9-storied buildings 4-storied buildings Town-houses

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View from Grushevskyi avenue

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View from Pushkinska street

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View from Pryvokzalna street

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View from Danyla Galytskogo street

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Version of the preliminary financial analysis of the project In this chapter you can find the preliminary calculations of the project economics, and the key financial figures of the project. Taking into account the stage of the project all figures are preliminary and must be corrected in the process of realization of the project, during its stages and making up its estimate. The main technical indices of the project Technical And Economic Indices Of the Project The correlation of the total area (116 432 m2) and commercial (93 146 m2) can be presented as 80% (commercial) and 20% (total).

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Characteristics Of The Project AREAS Total area of the building up site,m2 42 015 m2 Area of the building up site for accomplishment,m2 107 985 m2 Total area of the building, m2 173 725,00 m2 Total area of the complex buildings, m2 152 432 m2 Total area of the underground parking, m2 21 293 m2 Percentage of the commercial areas, % 87% Area for selling: 150 439 m2 Area of apartments for selling, m2 93 146 m2 Area of the commercial buildings for selling, m2 36 000 m2 Area of the parking for selling, m2 21 293 m2 Number of parking places 710

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Characteristics Of The Project Cost of the Building The cost of the building of 1 m2 of total area, $ 485$ Accomplishment of 1 m2 of the territory,$ 44$ Project works, $ 15$ First workings,$/m2 10$ Exterior engineer networks,$/m2 9$ Putting into operation, $/m2 2$ Payments to the local budget (Emergency Control Ministry, economic management of the city), $ 5$ Other charges: Administrative costs (per hour),$ 120 000 Marketing costs, advertising (% of the profit) 0,5% Buying of the property and setting of the lodgers 200 000 In new places, $ Unforeseen charges (% of the building works) 6% Credit interest rate 12%

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Characteristics Of The Project Additional Figures: Dollar rate 5,05 UAH/$ VAT rate 20% Rate of profit tax 25% Prices of Selling 1m2 of the total area with VAT: Reference price of the selling of 1 m2 of the apartment, $ 900$ Reference price of the selling of 1 m2 of non-residential buildings, $ 1 000$ Refernce price of one parking place,$ 14 540$

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Investment Plan Of The Project The total cost of the project is $ 102 801 463, that includes building and installation works 84 200 000 $. Financial sources are cash means of the owner, loans of commercial banks and reinvestment of means received from the selling of territories. The basic assumptions in the scheme of the financing: The financing for covering of the expenses of general project works and operating costs before the building is carried out at the expenses of the owner. The building is financed at the expenses of own and loaned means and also due to the money flow from selling the apartments and other territories. Operating Costs are financed at the own expenses and due to the money flow from selling the apartments and other territories. Opening and accompaniment of the line of credit commission is ignored because of little sums. Expenditure costs of the project are preliminary and can be changed after the development and ratifying of the project. Approximate cost of the project taking is 152 000 000$ taking into consideration the inflation cost increase of building and installation works. Resources Of Financing And Total Cost Of The Project

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Because of big volume of the building it is suggested to divide the project into 3 phases. During the first and second phase we plan to build residential objects in order to start the reinvestment of the project. During the third phase we plan to finish the rest of residential objects and all volume of big commercial objets. The ennoblement of the territory adjacent to the objects will be done together with the putting into operation of separate objects. We suppose that every phase will last 6 quarters or a year and a half. . Speed of work Distribution of the size of areas in different phases Speed of work fulfilment

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Basis of the recommended price policy Nowadays the prices on Ukrainian newly-erected buildings that can be taken as the basic indices vary depending on the class, location, phase of building and other factors. Elite $ 750 - $1500 per 1m2 Business $ 650 - $750 per 1m2 Economical $ 500 - $ 700 per 1 m2 The class of our project is “Business”. Taking into consideration the location (in the centre of the city) the optimal price of the residential areas of the given object is 750 $ per 1m2 The prognosis of the price increase for real estate by the end of 2006 is 20-30% The prognosis of the price increase for real estate by the end of 2007 is 35-40% The prognosis of the price increase for real estate by the end of 2008 is 35-40% The prognosis is made by the specialists of the Ukrainian Real Estate Group and was made public by the director of Kyiv Office of Real Estate Group Sergii Klymenko in the secondary sources.

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Calculation of the recommended reference price to the beginning of the planned selling (second quarter 2008): Price increase by the end of 2006: $ 750 + 25%=$937,5 (25% is the middle of the predictable level of price rise) Price increase in 2007 $ 937,5 + 40%=$1312,5 So at the beginning of the selling (April 2007) possible reference price is $ 1300 taking into account the prognosis of price increase on apartments. But price indices in Kamyanets-Podilskyi are lower than in Ukraine in general and the most optimal reference price of 1 m2 of the residential area is recommended to be on the level of $900/m2 Recommended system of discounts for the first phase of selling of the complex is: 1 quarter (of realization) $ 900-20%=$720 2-3 quarter $ 900-15%=$765 4 quarter $ 900-10%=$810 5 quarter $ 900-5%=$855

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Starting from the sixth quarter from the beginning of the selling process we recommend to fix the calculated reference price on residential areas on the level of $ 900 per 1m2. In the following periods the price variation can be against the future tendencies of the price dynamics in the primary market of the dwelling in Kamyanets-Podilskyi. The prices on the commercial areas are on the level of $ 800 – 1000/1m2 and parking place - $12 000 - $15 000, taking into consideration current situation of prices in Western Ukraine and the prognosis of the relative price increase in the segment of the dwelling primary market.

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If you need any information, please, do not hesitate to write to the address: : Ukraine, 32319, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, village Zhovtneve, Matrosova street, 1 Tel. (Fax) 8(03849) 3-96-10 Cell phone 8-097-217-46-82 e-mail: proekt@adams.ua

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With best regards President of Joint-Stock Company “ADAMS” Adam Yakhiyev