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April 27, 2015

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Baltimore is in flames and the Maryland National Guard was on standby as riots escalate.

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The unrest - which saw looters ransack stores, pharmacies and a shopping mall and clash with police in riot gear - was the most violent in the United States since Ferguson, Missouri, was torn by gunshots and arson late last year.

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Fires raged throughout Baltimore after protests continued and intensified.

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Police and firefighters have been called to blazes across Baltimore after several buildings were set alight by protestors.

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, declared a state of emergency on Monday and the National Guard was arriving in the city.

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Around 5,000 officers are ready to hit the streets to control the violence - the same amount deployed for the 1968 riots.

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Here, police give a ride to a young family who fled their home at midnight as nearby homes and stores went up in flames.

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Cars were burned and some were driven through fire by screaming and laughing rioters well into Tuesday morning.

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A firefighter uses a saw to open a metal gate while fighting a fire in a convenience store and residence during clashes in Baltimore.

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This is the scene of a fire which burned down a $16 million nursing home that a Baptist church spent eight years building.

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Local television footage showed firefighters on the scene of one many fires that broke out overnight.

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The Baltimore mayor's office says there were 144 vehicle fires, 15 structures fires and nearly 200 arrests in the unrest that broke out in the city.

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A Baltimore firefighter attacks a fire at a convenience store and residence during clashes.

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The violence appeared to catch city officials and community leaders somewhat off-guard after a week of mostly peaceful protests.

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National Guard spokesman Col. Charles Kohler says guard members are hooking up with police and providing additional security at critical infrastructure.

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A storefront was set on fire at Baker Street in Baltimore. Firemen and police officers responded to control the situation on Monday night.

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April 28, 2015

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Two women sweeping up the streets are reflected in the broken window of a check cashing store in Baltimore.

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Police and Maryland National Guard members stand guard outside City Hall in Baltimore.

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$50,000 is estimated as the bill for looting from and damage to a gas station, where an ATM was busted open last night.

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The E-Z Mart (left) which was badly damaged, while (right) Rashad Kahn in front of his damaged grocery mart. he lost $25,000 of stock.

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Julianna Lucas, 15, joins a neighborhood clean up crew to clear shattered glass and detritus from outside a Save a Lot food store the morning after citywide looting and riots.

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A woman cleans up a CVS store that was looted and set on fire during clashes with police on Monday night.

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Civil rights leader and U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings (right), meets with residents who are cleaning up their neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

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Residents clean streets as law enforcement officers stand guard in the aftermath of rioting that set parts of the city ablaze.

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A looted wig shop was looted during the riots during which rioters broke into hundreds of businesses and took what they wanted.

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Local resident Jerald Miller helps clean up debris from the pharmacy that was burnt out during last night's rioting.

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Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tours Baltimore after facing heavy criticism for the speed of her reaction to the riots while Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (right) speaks to a Maryland State Trooper.

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A National Guard vehicle drives by a Maryland State Trooper in the aftermath of the huge riots that broke out in Baltimore on Monday.

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A National Guard vehicle drives by a Maryland State Trooper in the aftermath of the huge riots that broke out in Baltimore on Monday.

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