Gamification of News

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Hooking your readers through interactive quizzes, polls and more Gamification of News

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Playbuzz Quizzes Lists Polls Embeddable

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Gallery quiz Game of Thrones

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Gallery quiz Schoolhouse Rock

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Gallery quiz Build a Bunny

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Gallery quiz Marvel Match- up

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Trivia Quiz York Revs

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Trivia Quiz Super Bowl

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Trivia quiz Battle of Appomattox

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Trivia quiz Naturalization quiz

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Polls Best romantic movie

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Polls Favorite horror film

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Ranked poll Who is better blonde? Kim Kardashian or Jared Leto

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Ranked poll Fave season

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Personality Quiz What Nuts About Granola flavor are you?

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Personality Quiz Which Halloween character are you?

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List Cool things to see at garden show

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List 5 Facts about Lincoln’s coffin

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How to create

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Step 1 Go to website (www.playbuzz.com) Click on “create” in upper right corner

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Step 2 Decide what you want to make and click on “create” Poll Ranked poll Trivia quiz List Personality quiz Gallery quiz

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Step 3 Fill out the various fields (tags, permissions , etc.)

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Step 4 You can add more answers to a questions You can add more questions

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Step 5 When you have finished filling out all fields and adding all questions and answers, you can: Save draft, preview or publish.

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Step 6 If you like the preview, you can grab the embed code Also, social share buttons are at the top

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