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PowerPoint Show by Andrew

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THREE TERRORISTS AND FOUR HOSTAGES DEAD: Bloody end to French sieges as commandos storm kosher deli and printing firm where magazine assassins and policewoman's killer were holed up - but FEMALE accomplice is on the run. 

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Brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi were killed as they tried to fight their way out of a print works 25 miles from Paris Fellow jihadi Amedy Coulibay also killed after taking hostages at a Jewish grocery shop in east of city His girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene, described as armed and dangerous, is still on the run Four hostages died at grocery shop while Michel Catalano, who was held by Kouachi brothers escaped unharmed  All three dead terrorists were born in France but linked to same terror cell 

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The street is rocked during the final stages of the siege which left four hostages dead.

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Special forces storm the Jewish grocery to the east of Paris where terrorist Amedey Coulibaly had taken at least seven people hostage.

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Special forces line up to enter the premises through a backdoor as the street is rocked by explosions.

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Officers were also seen pouring in through the front door at the denouement of the siege.

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Special forces line up to enter the premises through a backdoor as the street is rocked by explosions.

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Hostages - who had been held for hours with Coulibaly threatening to kill them - flee from the shop, crying with relief.

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Police escort seven hostages freed from the kosher grocers, including one woman who had to be carried.

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Two hostages leave with their young child (left) and a man carrying a small child is seen fleeing from the ordeal (right) after police stormed the kosher grocery store in eastern Paris.

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The body of a man can be seen at the entrance of the Jewish supermarket after it was stormed by commandos

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Second hostage area: Police rush to the scene of the hostage-taking at an industrial estate in Dammartin-en-Goele around 25 miles from Paris.

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The gunmen escaped on foot into a small printing business (above) called Creating Trend Discovery, just before 9am GMT.

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Police officers create a ring of steel around the industrial estate where the Charlie Hebdo killers are holding a hostage.

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A police officer stands along a road near the industrial estate in Dammartin-en-Goele, some 25 miles north-east of Paris.

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Police check vehicles near the industrial estate. Residents were warned to stay indoors and pupils were being kept inside school.

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Police train their weapons on the building where the Charlie Hebdo gunmen were holed up with a hostage in Dammartin-en-Goele.

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The gunmen are surrounded by police commandos who have begun negotiations to try to secure the release of the hostage.

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The brothers were cornered in the premises of a printing firm after leading police on a dramatic car chase.

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After a meeting with President Hollande when news of the siege broke, MP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said: 'It's time to terrorise the terrorists'.

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A huge ball of fire erupts amid gunfire and explosions as French special forces shoot dead the two Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

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