Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus' Top 15 New Laws for 2015

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Dozens of new or revised laws take effect in Illinois on January 1.

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Learn about these interesting new laws and be prepared.

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E-Cigs Must be behind the counter or sealed to keep out of kids’ hands Refills must be in child-proof packaging HB5868 HB5689 more

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Speed up 70 mph now on tollways as well as interstates 60 mph for semis on interstates (was 55 mph) SB2015 SB930

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Pull over No more police ticket quotas If stopped for a traffic violation, drive away with your license SB3411 SB2583 more

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Pregnant while working Reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers or it’s a civil rights violation HB8 more

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Ins and outs Home sellers must now disclose door or window damage, along with: . flood damage . asbestos . lead paint . meth lab SB2597

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Beer and milk Beer tax rules updated to include hard ciders Milk definition now includes sheep, water buffalo, other hooved critters SB3103 SB3157

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Boats, booze and flags Boating under the influence will get your boat impounded Hoist an orange flag if boat passengers are in the water SB3434 SB2731 more

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This is not a drill New school construction must include storm shelters HB2513

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Medical marijuana for seizures Children with seizures now qualify for CBD (not pot) in Illinois’ medical marijuana program SB2636 more

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Privacy for crime victims Strengthens security and privacy for automatic system that updates victims about offenders’ parole, release HB4266 more

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Eye in the sky Cops can use drones during a natural disaster or public health emergency SB2937 more

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Cyberbullying Schools can discipline students who bully peers on personal phones or computers, not just at school HB4207 more

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Reptiles and amphibians Permit required for venomous or otherwise dangerous herptiles SB902

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Just say no Outlaws LSD-like synthetic drugs known as N-Bomb Keeps minors from owning Kratom plants with opiate-like effects SB3275 HB5526

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Wolves and cougars and bears (oh my) Now illegal to hunt/own/trade gray wolves, black bears and cougars SB3049 more

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Summaries of all new Illinois laws are available on our website.

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