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Online Marketing The Essential Elements of @ilbarbaricore on flickr

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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION A successful SEO campaign is well rounded. It will go far beyond keyword research and include : Web copy, PR, media outreach, Web design and more. By increasing traffic from your target audience, SEO will increase the volume and duration of your page visits, decrease your website’s bounce rate, and increase your ranks on viable search engines.

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@ileohidalgo on flickr BRAND DEVELOPMENT Brand Development is all about making your brand’s name synonymous with your industry. A great brand demands credibility and represents your business. Investing in brand development will distinguish you from your competitors and add significance to the goods or services you provide.

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SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is a resource that directly connects you with your customers. Through social media networks, businesses can easily share promotions, content, and trending news in real time. A social presence is vital to brand awareness, customer service and transparency. @igorza76 on flickr

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SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is the modern day version of word-of-mouth marketing. It enables you to frequently interact with your audience, build authority, and expand your reach. @igorza76 on flickr In the past year, companies successfully utilized social media more than traditional advertising channels!

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SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Search engine marketing is often called pay-per-click advertising or banner ads. No matter how you phrase it, the results say it all. Experts who can place engaging ads on the proper pages can show a serious ROI for your business. Paid ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing can all yield an increase in sales.

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PUBLIC RELATIONS When it comes to growing your business, perception is EVERYTHING! Public relations specialists can use various tools, like press releases and media pitches to put your brand at the forefront of media outlets. Exposure on highly authoritative news sites will present your industry expertise, highlight your accomplishments, and build your credibility and client base.

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SEO CONSULTING The rules of SEO are constantly changing, so it's important to utilize consulting services to keep your team up to date and make sure SEO techniques are executed properly. Anyone can practice SEO with enough time and the proper resources guiding them.

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WEBSITE DESIGN Set your business apart from your competitors with a clean, user-friendly website. Websites that focus on the user first with elements like mobile responsiveness, engaging content and a clear call to action will boost sales numbers.

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CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION Utilize CO practices to study user behavior and systematically refine your website to meet the needs of potential customers. Data, analytics, and user feedback will show you what does and doesn’t work and help you make positive changes to maximize conversion and increase your ROI.

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E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT Online marketing expertise demands an online store that is designed for user experience and optimized for conversion. The sales funnel should be quick and painless for all customers. The more user friendly the site is, the more likely customers are to come back for more.

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LEAD GENERATION Utilize lead generation strategies on all platforms to prequalify prospects and improve closing ratios. Incorporating these strategies into your social media marketing, website optimization, and content creation will provide a sustained increase in sales.

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EMAIL MARKETING Your clients check their email inbox multiple times a day, so email marketing is one of the best ways to develop leads and drive sales. Targeted outreach and effective messaging allows businesses to better understand their customers and provide them with the content, products and services they are looking for.

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@rtv on flickr TELEMARKETING When executed properly, telemarketing is a valuable marketing technique. Strategic telemarketing will increase your number of leads and free up more productivity for your experts in-house.

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