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Content is the message that your marketing strategy delivers. What is a Content?

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is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. What is Content Marketing?

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80% of buyers prefer to get product information in a series of articles versus an advertisement Why is Content Marketing Important?

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Don’t Interrupt! What’s The Secret in Content Marketing?

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Be what they want to consume! What’s The Secret in Content Marketing?

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be a part of the conversation What’s The Secret in Content Marketing?

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create a remarkable content What’s The Secret in Content Marketing?

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Buyer Persona The Buyer’s Journey 2 Keys in Creating a Remarkable Content

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Semi-fictional representation of the ideal customers based on real data gathered and educated speculations about customer demographics, behavior and goals. Buyer Persona/s

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The active research process people go through leading up to making a purchase. The Buyer’s Journey

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The Buyer’s Journey

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The Buyer’s Journey

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The Content Creation Process Plan Produce Distribute Analyze Repeat So, how do I actually make a content?

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Know your business goals Come up with actual ideas. Remember that your ultimate goal is to solve your persona’s problems Identify topics that matter PLAN

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Keyword Research – what you want to rank for Internet Forums Popular News Sales / Support FAQs Persona’s goals Persona’s challenges How Do I Identify Topics that Matter?

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Follow your plan PRODUCE

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Develop a production strategy that’s easy for you PRODUCE

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If you’re still exclusively creating contents about your products and services, STOP. Remember the CONTENT GOLDEN RULE PRODUCE

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Distribution makes content relevant DISTRIBUTE

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Be consistent with content creation and distribution DISTRIBUTE

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ANALYZE Before repeating the process, make sure that what you’re doing is working. Create a metric that measures your content efficacy.

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Number of visits Leads generated Share-ability Inbound links Content performance by author Content performance by topic Content performance by format Metrics to Consider in Analyzing Content

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Content is the fuel of your strategy. Great content must be tied to both your persona and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Follow the golden rule and create mainly awareness and consideration stage content. Everything you create is helpful to your personas. Strategy creates momentum: Plan, produce, distribute, analyze and repeat. Distribution makes content relevant. Share content and share on a regular basis. Key Takeaways

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