Three Practical Strategies For Scaling Your Content Marketing September 2014 www.rallyverse.com @rallyverse

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Three Practical Strategies For Scaling Your Content Marketing September 2014 www.rallyverse.com @rallyverse

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The Content Marketing Challenge Be relevant to your audience and your brand: …multiple times per day, …on multiple networks, …for multiple accounts, …with finite resources. 2

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In a word: Scale (Getting the absolute most out of your resources.)

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We have some very very pragmatic strategies for scaling your content marketing. (That don’t involve hiring five more people.)

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3 Strategies To Scale: 1. Use Curated Content 2. Repost Your Original Content 3. One Message, Multiple Platforms

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1 Use Curated Content

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What is curation? For content marketers, curation means assembling content around your brand and the themes and topics that matter to you.

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That means: Sharing and posting third-party content alongside your original content to fill out your content calendar — and keep your audience engaged.

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Brand’s Original Content Algorithm reviews thousands of sources to create content recommendations from publisher-approved, fair-use sources, all tuned to your marketing objectives Popular 3rd-Party Content Trending Social Network Content How Rallyverse Handles Curation

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Why does Curated Content Work? Allows you to participate in a broader discussion Adds surface area to your brand Allows you to meet expectations of your audience

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Our data shows that marketers big and small rely on curated content – for over half their social media posts Source: Rallyverse research, June 2014

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Content Curation best practices: Honor your brand Use proper attribution Add your voice and POV

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2 Repost Your Original Content

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You’ve spent time, effort and maybe money to create original content. Make sure that you’re getting the most out of that investment.

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That means: Don’t be shy about posting your original content to social media more than once. Brand’s Original Content

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Why Reposting Original Content Works? Opportunity to capture different audience segments at different times Same content is relevant in different contexts

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Our data shows that you can post the same URL more than once to social media without a decline in clicks; no decline as far as we measured (7 posts of the same URL): Source: Rallyverse research, July 2014

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Reposting best practices: Focus on Evergreen Content Be Relevant Adapt Messaging And Delivery

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3 One Message, Multiple Platforms

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Your audience is spread across multiple platforms. If you’ve got something to say, make sure you shape it for each of those destinations.

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That means: Shape your thought leadership into multiple formats: blog posts become Slideshares become Instagrams become Tweets and so on.

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Why Do Multiple Formats Work? Chance to communicate with different audiences on different networks Scale your “hard” work – the thought leadership that goes into building one piece of content

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Multiple Formats Best Practices: Shape the content for the network, don’t copy-paste Use your blog as a repository for multiple formats (embed Slideshares, Images) Cross-link where appropriate

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