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Blogging for Business PRESENTER: Frithjof Petscheleit September 2014

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businessbluebird.com 2

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businessbluebird.com 3

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businessbluebird.com 4 Blogs are like Puppies

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businessbluebird.com 5 Easy to get Cute Fun Something to talk about

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businessbluebird.com 6 A lot of work Need Time Need attention

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Should We Blog? businessbluebird.com 8 My Customers don’t read blogs I don’t have time I don’t know what to write about What about SPAM?

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 9

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 10 Establish Trust Provide content your audience wants and needs Show your knowledge Authority Public Relations Build Relationships

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What to write about? What you know and they don’t What you have access to and they don’t Original is not required (but stealing is wrong) Background information Case studies Industry trends Answer Questions Watch others in your niche News Backstage stories ….. businessbluebird.com 11

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 12

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Search Engine Optimization Readers First Honour your content by optimizing to be found Content Consistent Fresh Relevant businessbluebird.com 13

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Search Engine Optimization Algorithms change Beware of Black Hat SEO Use PPC wisely Quality content! businessbluebird.com 14

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Google Results – robots and people businessbluebird.com 15

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Where does your blog live? businessbluebird.com 16

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 17 Website Traffic Keywords 1post = 1url = authority = ranking Quality Traffic

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 18

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 19 Leads Convert visitors to customers Calls to action

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 20

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 21 Long term content Answer Questions Reference library Keeps on giving

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businessbluebird.com 22 Align your content with your business

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 23

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 24 Explain Display a multifaceted business Introduce new products Show and tell

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Make it interesting! businessbluebird.com 25 Scannable Embed Shareable

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5 Awesomely Easy Ways to Make More People Read Your Blog businessbluebird.com 26

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 27

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Blogging Benefits businessbluebird.com 28 Listen and learn Ask questions Learn from your audience Market research

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businessbluebird.com 29 Build a website around your blog 100% control Easy to update Responsive design Make sure

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businessbluebird.com 30

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100% Control! Own vs rent Access to 100% of the pages Logins for Website Hosting C-Panel FTP URL businessbluebird.com 31

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BlueBird Business Consulting businessbluebird.com 33 Services around Websites Fix my WordPress Learn WordPress Content creation New Websites

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Questions businessbluebird.com 34