The thinks you can think if only you try… Shelli Walsh, ShellShock Ltd

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The thinks you can think if only you try… Shelli Walsh, ShellShock Ltd

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“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think if only you try.” Dr Suess

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Learning thinking skills will improve: data analysis, ad words campaigns, ideas for content creation, ways to approach outreach, ways to find new sources of traffic and ways to raise the revenue and success of a website – because that's what we are all here for, right?

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Source: distractify.com Children have brilliant creative minds naturally and unashamedly…

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“Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating.” John Cleese Credit: screen shot from Monty Python’s Flying Circus TV Show

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Until you have learnt the fundamentals and know how to do something the right way, it’s very difficult to do it to your best ability

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Understanding how to think will drastically improve your creativity.

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Vertical thinking Traditional thinking Logical Methodical Sequential Stops at first solution

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Lateral thinking Non-sequential Non-selective Removing preconception Being wrong before being right Open to all ideas

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I recommend reading this book to learn more…

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We need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding.

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© Jim Davis Copying cartoons, like Garfield, was a foundation for developing my illustration skills. I then progressed to find my own unique style.

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I think I was getting pretty good after a few years…

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Getting into the right state is essential for reaching our full potential. Our states can be open or closed. Being closed, stressed or under pressure usually inhibits creative thinking.

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Dopamine Relaxed Distracted Emotion research would indicate that the best environments in which to incubate creativity are: Always carry a notebook

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Any activity where we are relaxed yet focused on a mundane function and not thinking is our sweet spot for ideas: In the shower Exercising Cooking Listening to music Driving Swimming

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Removing yourself from the usual place of work will remove yourself from distraction, help the brain to break pattern which in turn will switch into a more receptive state for ideas: Coffee shop The library A hotel Or even a camper van…

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Obligatory Breaking Bad shot… Source: breakingbad.wikia.com

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It is estimated there are 295 exabytes of information in the world This equals 315 times the amount of sand in the world

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There are no new ideas.

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Combinations of old ideas are where new ideas are created. Take an existing product and improve it, add a unique twist to it or combine it with another.

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The very first mobile phone to contain a camera was released in Japan, in 2000 by J-Phone After someone connected a digital camera and a mobile phone as an added feature to sell more phones

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Ideas wall Source: crazywalls.com An ideas wall is a technique used to help make connections between random bits of information

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moz.com/blog/how-to-be-more-creative-in-your-online-campaigns Read this in-depth article to learn how to make an ideas wall…

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My advice above all else is to read as widely as possible as I believe this feeds a creative mind more than any other activity. You get out what you put in…

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“Great minds ask great questions” Michael J. Gelb, Think Like Da Vinci

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What? Why? Where? How? Who? When? Always be asking:

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Source: distractify.com

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The brain is a muscle. Scientific evidence shows that synapses forge physical channels through the brain which become stronger and more deeply ingrained the more an action is repeated.

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Through repeated thinking skills you can become more creative.

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Ten Ideas exercise… Waiters pad List ten ideas Train your brain Every. Day.

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Source: Airplane The Movie ©Paramount Pictures Voicing an idea is like a fear of flying – a leap of faith

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Perhaps the most terrifying thing humans can expose ourselves too is the potential public humiliation of saying: ‘this is what I think… this is what I believe…’

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Get out of your comfortable cage and push yourself

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Ideas + action = creativity

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Source: distractify.com

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The key to creativity is: Learning the skill State & Environment Making connections Feeding the machine Overcoming fear Practice Action

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Source: StarWars © George Lucas “Do. Or do not. There is no try. ” (Yoda voice optional)

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