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AGENCY MARKETING INNOVATIONS How IMPACT BRANDING increased lead generation by 500% in 2 years. John Bonini @Bonini84 Marketing Director, IMPACT

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Joined IMPACT in 2012 Employee #6 Assumed role of Marketing Director in July 2012 @Bonini84 JOHN BONINI

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7,286 67,069 820% increase

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251 1,700 577% increase

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You need to be blogging. You need to know your sales funnel. You need to align sales and marketing.

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No shit, John

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? But what came in between?

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But what came in between?

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No shit, John Oh !

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“If you’re riding the bandwagon, you can’t be steering it” @Bonini84

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Oh shit!

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Make a commitment to quantity and quality CONTENT:

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“You should be blogging.”

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Moved all content efforts in house

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We made a bet on quality over quantity.

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Content Strategy

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Content Strategy

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Treat every inbound link as a relationship. =

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Oh shit!

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@Bonini84 Make a commitment to quality and quantity. “Donuts are proof that quality is repeatable”

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Know Your Ecosystem LEAD GENERATION:

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“Know your sales funnel.”

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Top Middle Bottom

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: the complex of a community and its environment functioning as a unit. noun Know your ecosystem.

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Focused on delighting customers Expanded it to opportunities Became a vehicle for referral marketing Vehicle for reengagement Aligns with our ecosystem Lowers barrier of entry

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“Know your ecosystem. Identify the behaviors that drive sales and aim to repeat them” @Bonini84 Know your ecosystem.

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View-to-submission = 1.4% View-to-submission = 2.4%

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@Bonini84 “Get out of the way and let people consume your content”

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Join sales and marketing under “new business development” SMARKETING:

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“Align sales and marketing.”

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Lead Quality Connecting Lead Nurturing Sales contributes to the blog Marketing sits in on consultation calls Persona driven Marketing creates workflows via sales intel Sales keeps detailed CRM log that feeds nurturing Marketing makes connect calls as an exercise Marketing writes sales/connect scripts

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@Bonini84 Join marketing and sales under “new business development.” “A knockout is more likely if you’re punching with both hands”

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1. Make a commitment to quality and quantity. 2. Know your ecosystem. 3. Join marketing and sales under “new business development” umbrella.

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If this all sounds like hard work…

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Make the right organizational move. Not a quick one. Provide full autonomy. Stay flexible from an executive standpoint. Stay the hell away from conventional wisdom.

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