Smart Sales Intelligence #SmartSales

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Smart Sales Intelligence #SmartSales

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Smart Sales Intelligence JILL KONRATH, author Agile Selling, SNAP Selling & Selling to Big Companies @jillkonrath JOE LUCAS Director of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops, InsideView @joelucas

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Marketing's Revenue Shift

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3 Types of Lead Data Demographic Information Behavioral Information Situational Information

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3 Types of Lead Data Broaden your vision of your database to make your marketing relevant to your prospects and customers. Understanding your prospects and customers along these three types of data provides better clarity to your business. Proving a broader view Demographics (Who am I?) Based on past success and is driven by who sales wants to talk to Behavioral (What do I care about?) Shows the level of interest based on implied behavior Situational (Why do I care about it?) Shows the motivation behind the behavior and uncovers the desire of the prospect or customer Who are you really selling to and Why?

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How to Obtain Behavioral

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Sales’ Best Kept Secret When’s the best time to pick up the phone? Example 1

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Sales’ Best Kept Secret What is the prospect interested in? Example 2

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How to Obtain Situational

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Benefits of Situational Awareness Understanding the motivation behind the behavior gives you a reference point to better understand your prospect

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Buyer Personas are not sufficient

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What are their pain points?

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What are their objectives?

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What’s the context?

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Trigger Examples Acquisitions Expansion Product Launches Corporate Challenges

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Unifying Triggers Having sales and marketing listening for the same events and looking for the same type of prospect will allow for: Getting on the same page More successful campaigns More accurate lead scoring Better alignment Higher revenue attainment

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Lead Scoring & Prioritizing Adding business triggers to your lead scoring system will make your score more accurate and ensure that sales is getting leads at the right time. Know who to call and when

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Trigger-Based Campaigns Creating trigger based campaigns will make your marketing message more relevant to prospects. Engage potential customers with the message that will resonate the most based on the issues they’re actually trying to solve. Cut through the noise

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Teeing it up for Sales Combining all three data types in one view

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Open Table

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Trigger: Acquisition LIKELY CHALLENGES HR issues Systems integration Marketing Sales Facilities

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Message to SALES Pat, Congrats on your recent acquisition of CoPilot. Very cool what it can do. I’ve got some ideas on how to help your salespeople leverage it to drive incremental revenue. We recently used this approach with another mobile app firm and delivered 29% more prospects in just 30 days. Do you have 10 minutes on Friday morning for a brief overview? I’m open between 8:30-10. Jill

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Message to MARKETING Kate, With your recent acquisition of CoPilot, I suspect you’re intent on getting the word out to prospective clients ASAP. We recently helped (insert similar business) launch a marketing campaign that generated 52% more leads than initially projected. How about setting up a quick chat to see if it’s something that makes sense for your company. Would Tuesday at 2:30 work? Jeff

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Message to HUMAN RESOURCES Terry, While acquisitions are great, sometimes they create real headaches in HR. Most recently we helped XZY company get their merged benefits program up-and-running quickly at the same time we reduced their overall spend. If it sounds interesting, let’s get 15 minutes on the calendar to talk about what you’re doing. Would Friday at 9 am work for you? Sam

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Wrapping Marketing needs to incorporate sales intelligence early on in the process Business triggers represent an amazing opportunity for collaboration between sales & marketing Leveraging business triggers will enable more impactful sales conversations It All Up

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