Harnessing the Power of Cold Email

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Harnessing the Power of Cold Email Heather R Morgan|@HeatherReyhan www.salesfolk.com

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7 years of copywriting and content marketing Clients: Collaborated with Aaron Ross on compiling sequel to Predictable Revenue About Me

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Written emails that get as much as 38% response rates Generated 2-3x as many opportunities for the same cost of sales

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Email still beats all social media channels for bringing leads.

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Build your network & fill your pipeline with deals

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Inbound takes 6 months to 2 years to ramp up

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With Outbound Email, You Call the Shots

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97% of Cold Emails Are Ignored

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7 Sins of Cold Email

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1. Crappy Subject Lines

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2. You Write Like a Robot.

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3. Longer than the Great Wall

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4. Value Muddled in a Sea of Junk

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5. Don’t Take Your Pants off on the 1st Date

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6. Overdesigned HTML Emails

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7. Giving Up After 1 Email

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BAD COLD EMAILS 2-3 Examples + Why They Suck How to Change Them

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3 Ingredients to Great Cold Emails

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The First Sentence Question/Bold Statement Fear of Loss/Value

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The Value Story Social Proof Numbers/Stats Show, don’t tell value

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The Call to Action Incentivize Specific time or “When”?

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The Email that Got 16 New Customers

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3x Your Qualified Leads with Salesfolk B2B Copywriting Consulting Heather R Morgan | Salesfolk CEO| heather@salesfolk.com