The Mental Side of Sales

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The Mental Side of Sales @SaniLeino

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Who? Co-Founder Worked at

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Sales is (commercial) interaction between people.

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Quantity x Direction x Quality Result Quantity means how many sales actions are made / potential customers is being adressed. Direction, means your the recepient of your sales actions. 3. Quality, tells how well your sales action affects to the recepient. If this is close to zero, it doesn’t matter how well the other parts are done. If your selling to wrong people (who are not decicion makers), the quantity and quality is indifferent. 3. If the quality of sales actions is really poor, it doesn’t matter how high the amount is. So

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”Sales Funnel” 101 Fill (keep many prospects) Speed up (Sales Cycle) Find lead’s (also) for yourself Keep different opportunities, of different size and faize active. Clean up the ”no good” / old Remember: If you can keep on filling the ”Sales Funnel”, then you will know how well you are going to do this month, and you can start working towards the next months salary Process of this kind creates assurity for you!

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ctivity. If Yoda, would teach something about sales, He would probably say: ”Action leads to reaction, Reaction leads to counteraction, Counteraction leads to interaction, Interaction leads to conversation, and without conversation there is nothing and nobody to Sell” A ”Do, or do not. There is no try.” - Master Yoda

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"When you judge another, you do not define them, You define yourself.“ - Wayne Dyer

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Trust and more meaningfull relationship are built between these steps: © Aalto, Rubanovitsch – Myy Enemman, Myy Paremmin . 2007 WSOPpro s. 35

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Otherwise… Lahde: Painajainen perheessa – elokuva , jossa Greg Focker, jai auttamatta hanen lankonsa ”luottamuksen ringin” ulkopuolelle ja vaikeutti nain huomattavasti heidan valilleen luotavan luottamukseen perustuvan perhesuhteen onnistumista.

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”Selling takes place in the talk, buiying in the pause.” - Brian Tracy ”What is the diffenrence between good and great sales people?”

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Top 8 wrong mindset in Sales Focus on Closing ”I need to achive the goals given” Every sale is a good one - 100% Hitrate Sales tools, Boss, Location, Kitchen table is wrong… After this big sale, I can lay down for a while I’m too busy to do more results Wait, I will put my sales cape on. ”Camoon, one day. What does it matter...”

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Focus on these instead Focus on starting a relationship Define your own goals All customers are not as important Stop making excuses – to yourself and to your customers Kaizen & Lean– Continuous improvement Time is the most valuable asset in Sales – how well are you managing it? Be a Salesman & yourself 24/7 Exceed expectations – Build trust

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DON’t focus on Closing! Making a sales is a natural part of the customer relationship - don’t over emphesize it Are you Closing a sale or Opening a Relationship? Different techniques are often harmful Customers are not stupid ”You cannot control a sale” Be a customer for yourself – You will learn a lot! Closing & Opening?

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Closing a Sale vs. Opening a relationship

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“Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage” - Zig Zeglar Focusing on Closing

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I NO ”You made the money at a No, You just collect it at a Yes.” - Brian Tracy “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Master Yoda

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Focus / Goals ”You had me at Hello” – attitude. - First impression is made within 3 seconds, are you genuine or not? What is the goal? The Sale or the Relationship?

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Don’t focus on the goals given by organization but instead Make goals for yourself based on your situation and desires

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The size of the area is the amount of your customers The size is the time used/ effort made to this segment All customers are as important Typical Model: Time / Effort: Are Not

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All Customers are as important to us/me. Are Not

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All Customers are as important Remember the Pareto principle: 20/80 – Rule Are Not Note: I’m not saying, that you should treat your customers badly, you just need to categorise your customers in order to serve them even better (by you or is some other channel better?)

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OK – is a curse word. Exceed the expectations

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”Olen aina tarvittaessa paikalla” Is it a real ”Fire” or Can someone else help with this? This way you will get a customer, that is loyal to you in return. ”I’m always there for you, when necessary”

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”Don’t focus on something you cannot control.”

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Do the most important thing first in the morning Aim for doing things that absolutely need you in particular Do and use ToDo- lists where you will prioritize your activities. Reading tips ”4 Hour Work Week”- Tim Ferriss ”Seven Day Weekend” – Richardo Semler ”ReWork” – Jason Fried & co. ”Hourly Rate!” = result of a failed organizing and prioritizing (not necessarily yours though.) Being Buzy

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Time available How is your ”time block ” spent? Work Family Hobbies Friends Relatives Other

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Kaizen & Lean – continuous improvement ”The day you feel your at the top, thats the day you start falling from there” Attitude 90 % Acitions 9 % Know how 1 % ”The key factors of successfull salespeople”

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”I will put my Sales Cape on and Tomorrow I’m going to be a Super Salesman”

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You are already wearing the cape! You are a salesman 24/7, so keep your eyes & ears open for opportunities. NOTE: This DOESN’T mean that you should sale something to someone all the time. But be responsive, possibilities may occur in very notlikely time & places Selling doesn’t happen in the office. Face to Face time with the customer matters. I recommend to watch: ”Why Work Doesn’t happen at Work” - Jason Fried

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I don’t have time to Sell, because: The processes don’t work:

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STOP bullshitting yourself & customers. EI NO! Sometimes you need to make excuses to your boss/customers but stop cheating yourself for god’s sake! This is one of the TOP 5 reasons Sales people don’t achieve their goals - They are not willing to do what it takes & improve their actions in order to be better on what they do. NO your not getting too many emails – you just react to too many useless You are NOT too busy – you just focus on not important and to too many YES you are getting leads – If you are willing to do something also for yourself YOU KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS – If you are using 10 min to learn them Are you focusing on the right things??

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”Be Yourself, that’s all that you can do” – Audioslave, - Be Yourself. It is important to figure out your own Strenghts & Weaknesses Do the DISC analysis to figure out what kind of Sales personality you are SWOT for Sales people Although you can never ”Get to the top”, you must reward yourself occasionally. Coffee after a cold calling session etc. Don’t be to harsh to yourself REMEMBER. You can’t control everything in a sale.

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“It's a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get” – Gary Player “I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan Sani Leino “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” - Bill Cosby Thanks!