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Lead Prototyper at Manulife RED Lab (Communitech, Kitchener) BSc Comp Sci / MBA 4 years in startups 4 years in large orgs ALI RUSHDAN TARIQ @alirtariq www.artariq.com Best Practises of Customer Interviews

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3 Stages of Interviews Pre-Interview Interview Post-Interview Prepare Empathize + Learn Reflect + Adjust

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Pre-Interviews WHO - Go for a SPA treatment WHAT - Prepare your interview WHERE - Choose the right environment

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Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 A vague group of seemingly connected customers Results: conflicting/unclear

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Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Results: patterns emerge

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SPA Treatment Wedding videographers Real estate agents Hobbyists =12 = 3 = 8 1: 100s 2: 10,000s 3: MMs 1: -$ or -P 2: $ or $ 3: +$ or +P 1: Weeks 2: Days 3: Hours by Justin Wilcox

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PREP Decide before-hand what you want to know List your riskiest assumptions Set success criteria, e.g. “We expect 6 out of 15 people to not floss because they hate the experience of it.” Write a loose script

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Choose the env The closer to the interviewer the better Ideally, you want to be in their natural environment Fish where the fish are (and do not fish where there are no fish)

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In-Interview Don’t ask leading questions Don’t ask about future actions - ask about past (& present) Pay attention to Say, Think, Do, Feel Take notes (recorder or written by your partner) Ask for referral

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Leading questions can hurt

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Tell me about the last time you … What was the hardest thing about …

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Ideally, someone should take notes for you If not, then try to voice record If not, then write your notes after

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Blueprint Short intro Brief description of your intent Warm up questions (“what do you do?”) Ask for a story Ask about riskiest assumptions Dig in! Ask for referral Thank them

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Post-Interview Thank the interviewee (and ideally reward them) Review notes Adjust accordingly

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Offer something in return for people’s time (Coffee / early access / praise)

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3 Stages of Interviews Pre-Interview Interview Post-Interview Prepare Empathize + Learn Reflect + Adjust

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ALI RUSHDAN TARIQ @alirtariq www.artariq.com Lets connect