Sourcing Crafts from Africa

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Sourcing Crafts from Africa Mohsena Hassan BRAC-Aarong June 2013

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Liberia Economy: Industry: Rubber processing, palm oil processing, timber, diamonds Agriculture: Rubber, coffee, cacao, rice; sheep; timber Exports: Rubber, timber, iron, diamonds, cacao

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Liberian Traditional Fabrics - Lapas

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Accessories and Household Items made with Lapas

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Masks and Dolls

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High Quality Wax, Soapstone and Beads

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Sierra Leone Economy: Industry: Mining (diamonds); small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles); petroleum refining Agriculture: Rice, coffee, cacao, palm kernels; poultry; fish Exports: Diamonds, rutile, cacao, coffee

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Country Cloth- Ronko, Gara and many more…

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Basketry- Shuku Blai

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Wood Carving

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Jewellery and Bead-crafts

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South Sudan Economy: Industry: Oil, cotton ginning, textiles, cement, edible oils, sugar, soap distilling, shoes, petroleum refining Agriculture: Cotton, groundnuts (peanuts), sorghum, millet, wheat; sheep Exports: Oil and petroleum products, cotton, sesame, livestock, groundnuts

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Jewellery and Fabric

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Basketry and Home Textile

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Tanzania Economy: Industry: Agricultural processing (sugar, beer, cigarettes, sisal twine), diamond and gold mining, oil refining Agriculture: Coffee, sisal, tea, cotton; cattle Exports: Gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactures, cotton

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Beadwork, Accessories & Leather

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Uganda Economy: Industry: Sugar, brewing, tobacco, cotton textiles, cement Agriculture: Coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco; beef Exports: Coffee, fish and fish products, tea, gold, cotton

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Bark Cloth – Made from bark of Mutubu Tree

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Traditional Rag Dolls and Soapstones

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Basketry and Pottery

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Fabrics and Beadwork