Sales and Retail Marketing

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Sales and Retail Marketing Lecture 1-introduction to course and content Ms. Maria Qadri maria@nbs.edu.pk

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Class Plan Introduction Overview Class Norms Course Project

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Introduction –Course participants Facilitator- “I have no formal anything. I’m completely unqualified for any job I’ve ever had.”- Rachael Ray Contributors What brings you here? Where is all this leading you?

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Marketing is a scientific art.. Theories and concepts Applications, Strategies, and selected cases Projects and presentations

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Introduction – Course Audience The course is designed specifically for management employees in entry level positions who seek advancement of their careers. Students planning their own ventures can also benefit from the course students looking for a career in retailing and sales force are also an audience for the course

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Concept- Retailing and Sales

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Retail- Defined “Retail refers to the last link in a value chain where the customer is provided with an access to product in small units for personal or household consumption” Retailing is a service Retail and Sales are both interlinked

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Retail Management because…

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History and growth of Retail and sales Barters and Markets Towns and Cities Malls and shopping as a leisure activity Retail therapy Direct marketing and Sales E-Selling

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The Service Sector and Marketing Evolution of selling The servicescape Growing global sector

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New face of retail management Sophisticated customer Extensive database management Growing competition Hyperstar to specialized boutiques Retail brands Online retailing VAT collection point

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Where Does Sales fit in? Direct customer contact Needs Strategies and careful implementation of these strategies for high impact

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Before we take the flight… Backdrop Concept of need, want and demands The Marketing Mix Customer involvement and buying behaviors POS Marketing The Maker and the Seller – possible conflicts?

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Course project

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