Increasing website conversion by humanizing the e-commerce experience…

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Increasing website conversion by humanizing the e-commerce experience…

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(E-)Commerce is all about closing the sale... Online conversion rates are typically very low in comparison to the conversion rates that are enjoyed in a physical store. Could this be because in our stores there are people there to help and serve?

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(E-)Commerce is all about customer loyalty... Investing in first time buyers is expensive: SEO, Adwords... Average order value of return and repeat customers are 3x to 7x higher. Invest in your return customers by making them happy! Measuring Customer Satisfaction is key... Build a trusted relationship with your customers. Real people can build a true personal and trusted relationship.

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Retailers have shop assistants to serve you in their physical stores Information: “Where can I find the t-shirts?” Advice: “Do you have this shirt in one size smaller?” Inspiration. “Doesn’t this tie go well with that shirt you chose?”. Re-assurance: “You look very nice in that shirt” Humanizing the e-commerce experience…

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Digital Customer Engagement On Laptop/Desktop Digital Customer Engagement On Tablet Live Demonstration Digital Customer Engagement On Smartphone

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Vee24 products per customer journey

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Selection of vee24 customers Banking (DE) Serviced Offices (F) Telecommunications (UK and HU) Furniture Retail (UK) Automotive (DE) Automotive (UK) Fashion Retail (UK) Automotive (DE/JP) Finance (NL) Travel (UK) Power (UK) Fashion Retail (NL) Automotive (UK/DE) Automotive (UK) TV (NL) Fashion Retail (UK) Fashion Retail (UK) Fashion Retail (BE) Real Estate (BE) Sports Retail (USA)

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Case Study – schuh.co.uk

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So why e-retailers want vee24?

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Want to learn more? Visit our website at vee24.com Follow me on: be.linkedin.com/in/jangovaerts/ Phone: +32 474 914 314 Speak to anyone at M+ ?

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T: +44 (0)1625 668 500 W: vee24.com E: sales@vee24.com Pinewood Court Tytherington Business Park Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 2XR UK THANK YOU