Myths and Facts about Leather Furniture www.lifetimesofa.com

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Myths and Facts about Leather Furniture www.lifetimesofa.com www.lifetimesofa.com

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Myths and Facts about Leather Furniture www.lifetimesofa.com Leather furniture is a priceless item that you can add to your living room. With priceless, it needs to be clear that it is an investment that you are going to cherish for the years to come. However, there are various myths about this style of furniture that need to be understood and replaced with facts. Let’s discuss about the different aspects of leather furniture and their value in true sense.

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Myth 1: Leather furniture is not that durable! www.lifetimesofa.com Fact: On the contrary, leather furniture is one of the most durable pieces of furniture that you will buy for your home. It not only exudes class but it also lasts a lifetime! It is an investment that you make for top quality living and comfort.

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Myth 2: Leather furniture is a rich man’s possession! www.lifetimesofa.com Fact: There are a number of leather varieties available in the market. One can pick up the one that suits their pocket right. But, what needs to be understood that it is always a good purchase. Leather furniture lasts for a long time and tends to get beautiful with time. Whereas, fabric wears out and does not give you the value of leather furniture. For Just: $1699

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Myth 3: Leather furniture is hot in summers and cold in winters! Fact: One of the popular myths is that leather furniture is hot in summers and cold in winters. Well, if it is not out in the sun, like your car seats, leather usually heats up to your body temperature in the cold climate and remains cool during the summers. Hence, it is a good purchase! www.lifetimesofa.com

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Myth 4: Leather furniture is difficult to maintain and care for! Fact: Leather furniture is easier to care for than other furniture. All you need to do is use a conditioner in every 6-12 months time. Moreover, you also need to wipe off any spills and stains on the furniture. www.lifetimesofa.com

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