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Retail Trends Prepared by FITCH 2014

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Insights Processes The FITCH Insights team constantly monitor and analyse trends in consumer behaviour By working across the FITCH global network we observe these patterns in markets worldwide We interpret these trends to provide clients with relevant insights The priority of these insights is to inspire tangible improvements to the customer experience Applied solutions are guided by best-practice examples from around the world

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4 NEW BEHAVIOUR To stand out and resonate with increasingly connected, transmedia-savvy shoppers, brands are beginning to mix facts with playful storytelling to emotionally engage with their customers and entertain them with compelling experiences. Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton - Selfridges, London

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5 Retailer responses Crowded marketplace Need for escapism Seamless technology

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6 Blurring of Physical & Digital Nike FuelFest, London

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7 The Power of Play Globetrotter rain room, Munich

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8 Fantasy Aesthetics Tesco Online Viking

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9 Surreal Environments Target Dolls House Grand Central Station, New York

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10 SK Telecom Smart Cart, South Korea Mobile Minute NEW BEHAVIOUR: Shoppers are increasingly not prepared to wait. They have a world of digital choice at their fingertips and want to conveniently locate and explore products and services whenever and wherever they happen to be.

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11 Retailer responses Everywhere connectivity Convenience Digital layers

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12 Stolen Moments Tesco Homeplus, Seoul

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13 Time & Location Specific Promotions Meat Pack Shoes, Guatemala CIty

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14 Seamless Experiences Kate Spade Saturday storefronts, New York

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15 Instant Information Casino supermarket NFC, France

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16 NEW BEHAVIOUR: News and views are shared faster each day and trust has become a key currency. Brands must be more than open; they must be transparent, even to the point of sharing their imperfections, because deception is quickly exposed. Trust Worthy Dominos Tracker Billboard, Times Square, NYC

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17 Retailer responses Sharing culture Two-way dialogue Sceptical consumers

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18 Brand Transparency Dominos Pizza, Salt Lake City, US

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19 Topshop, London Fashion Week Let Them Speak

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20 Encourage Open Dialogue Jyske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark

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21 Power of Influencers Purex Insider

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22 NEW BEHAVIOUR Companies are collaborating with consumers, enabling them to create the items they desire, to realize their individual creative ideas and to interweave their own unique stories with those of their favorite brands. Bite Lip Lab, New York

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23 Retailer responses Taste democracy Projects, not campaigns Belief in Change

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24 Share your tools Audi City showroom, London

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25 Short-cut Learning Bilder & de Clerq grocery, Amsterdam

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26 Reward Experiments LEGO Cuusoo crowd-sourced innovation

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27 Use Experts to Guide Taylor Stitch, San Francisco

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28 NEW BEHAVIOUR: As consumers’ lifestyles become ever more pressured and hyper-connected, many are seeking a moment of repose. They are looking to cut through the noise and to achieve balance and focus. Sensorial Selfridges, No Noise, London

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29 Retailer responses Information overload Living publicly Urbanisation

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30 Quiet Branding Aesop, Sydney

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31 Serene Spaces New York Times, US

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32 Curated Choices Pave Bicycles, Barcelona

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33 Digital Downtime KitKat No Wifi, Netherlands

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