Elizabeth Johnson

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Elizabeth Johnson

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Goals Increase year round sales by 50% Generate traffic flow to Michael Kors website Increase brand awareness

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Inbound Marketing: Social Media Blog Google AdWords 12 month campaign Digital Strategy Overview

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Target Market Men and Women ages 25-54 Upper- middle class Fashion forward, look for luxury and quality

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Budget $20M for 12 months of advertising $21,900/day Inbound Marketing $32,800/day Google Adwords This totals $19,965,500 with $34,500 for extra promotion or room to grow

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Inbound Marketing: Blog Educate consumers on the brand Includes links to social media sites Promotional giveaways Attract new visitors to the website Use SEO to optimize posts Goal : Top of search page

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Inbound Marketing: Social Media Build a relationship with consumers and brand Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Increase engagement Gain feedback Interact with followers

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Google AdWords Daily Budget $32,800 will generate 15K+ clicks & 1000K+ impressions

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Metrics: KPI Measure bi-monthly for 12 months Adjust spending according to progress to optimize client’s budget Sales: 2013: $2.18B 2014 currently: $3.31B Goal after 12 months: $6.62B

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Conclusion 12 months Budget $20M Goals: Increase sales 50% Increase brand awareness Increase traffic on web site Digital Strategy: Inbound Marketing and Google Adwords