Hispanic Retail 360 Summit

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Hispanic Retail 360 Summit Presented by Carlos Gil

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Question # 1 What makes marketing to U.S. Hispanics different than general market consumers? _____________________________________

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The Hispanic Shopper 75% of Hispanic families sit down for a meal together every day Hispanics do more grocery shopping than the average U.S. shopper Once in-store, Hispanics spend 20% more during routine grocery trips

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Question # 2 What challenges have you faced, or are currently facing, with establishing a U.S. Hispanic digital marketing strategy _____________________________________

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Hispanic Consumers Online Hispanics are highly social online, 68.9% of Hispanics use social networks compared to 66.2 of the total U.S. population Brands such as Toyota and AT&T have a social media presence: Posts in Spanish, creative and messaging that resonates with U.S. Hispanics Connecting with U.S. Hispanics digitally allows your brand to build a connection through engagement and conversation thus leading to increased brand awareness, loyalty, and sales

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Example: Winn-Dixie Latino

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Question # 3 How can you be more effective in reaching U.S. Hispanic consumers including Millennials? _____________________________________

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Reaching Hispanic Consumers The Hispanic population is the fast-growing and youngest segment of the U.S. population Hispanic shoppers seek value, leverage social to provide in-store savings through offers and coupons Use social media to provide recipes and DIY tips to drive in-store foot traffic and sales Connect with Hispanic consumers through their mobile phone: social media, website, text, app. Hispanics use smartphones while shopping higher than any other ethnic group.

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Question # 4 Which social media platforms are most effective for marketing to U.S. Hispanics and why? _____________________________________

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Social Media Platforms U.S. Hispanic users ranked as the second most active race on Twitter Pew Study: Among internet users, Latinos (68%) say they use social networking sites Twitter and Facebook Through Pinterest, brands can connect with Hispanic Mom’s seeking recipes leading to incremental in-store traffic

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Let’s Connect! LinkedIn.com/in/CarlosGilOnline Twitter.com/CarlosGil83 Email: Carlos@carlosgil.biz Source(s): http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Hispanic-Shoppers-Bring-Social-Mobile-Habits-Grocery-Aisle/1009839