Social Media Trends in Wine

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Social Media Trends in Wine Kerry Rego

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What are your customers doing online?

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Facebook 1.32b MAU Twitter 500m tweets/day YouTube 6b hrs watched/m LinkedIn 313m members Google+ 300m MAU Instagram 200m MAU Why is Social Media Important? Logos courtesy of Aquaticus

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Engagement 60 times the engagement of Facebook #winecountry

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Measure at ads.twitter.com +

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Advertising Is an absolute must for your content to be seen. Strategy + budget + Measurement = ROI success

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Check Your Message

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http://bit.ly/SM4wine The top 10 social media/tech used by U.S. wineries are: Facebook Website Emails Ecommerce on website Twitter Yelp Instagram Blog YouTube Pinterest June 2014 Cal Poly study

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ROI - Case Study Stormhoeck Winery, South Africa Reached out to 21yr+ bloggers and offered wine to taste. 1yr later 100+ bloggers had tasted, reviewed, written, and linked to Stormhoeck. Increased from 50k to 300k cases.

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ROI - Case Study Pacific Rim Winery, Oregon Spent $10k on educating millennials on riesling, offered book w/ facts, tasting notes, and other info. 11k likes in first 2 weeks, 300 comments, then a contest on why they like riesling netted 15k more likes, increased traffic 7000% to website, 15% increase in revenue, 73% increase in transactions

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ROI - Case Study Murphy Goode, Sonoma County “A Real Goode Job” media campaign goal of 880 million media displays led to 130% growth in sales revenue, 70% increase in tasting room traffic.

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How to Deal with Negativity How do you deal with it in real time? Your character shines through All service providers have unhappy customers Editorial control, settings Control is really an illusion

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Social Media is SOCIAL It’s About Relationships Not Broadcasting

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