The Digital Retailer: Finding and Engaging Your Customers

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The Digital Retailer: Finding and Engaging Your Customers

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Brian Pagano Apigee Norman Woodard Accenture @brianpagano norman.woodard@accenture.com

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A fundamental shift in how we do things

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It’s the 3rd wave of digital 1990s Desktop web 2000s Mobility 2010s Living services Complexity Accenture ©2014

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Bigger scale More data Faster speed Broader range of devices

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Online On the go In stores Social media networks The seamless nonstop customer Accenture, “Seamless Retail”, ©2014

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New retail services Accenture, “Seamless Retail”, ©2014

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To survive and thrive, retailers need to fundamentally reinvent themselves Partnerships Right partners who own certain capabilities, thereby minimizing investment burden on the retailer Platforms New disruptive technologies such as APIs, mobile, social, cloud, and big data gain momentum as digital conduits Operations Buying, placement and promotion of merchandise, having inventory visibility, developing pricing strategies, and managing metrics and incentives across channels Customer Seamless experience across channels Accenture, “Seamless Retail”, ©2014

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Walgreens QuickPrints API Prescription API Balance Rewards API Up to 15% revenue share from partners Over 75 partner apps using APIs 6x sales increase vs. store only

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Trends in retail technology Accenture, “Retail Technology Vision 2014: Every Retailer Must be a Digital Retailer”, ©2014 Digital retailing Customer-centric Omni-channel integration Maturing of predictive analytics Expand mobility Real-time seamless supply chain Move to variable cost model/cloud computing

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Building blocks for retail success Accenture, “Winning the 24/7 Digital Customer”, © 2014 Unlock big data Double down on analytics Offer 100% inventory visibility Provide engaging content Thoughtfully design experience Re-imagine your supply chain Rethink your P&L

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AT&T Got apps up and running in 30% less time 15x increase in API calls in under 2 years Growth in apps from 78 to 1,455 in six months

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Nike Extend Nike+ platform and data NikeFuel: the currency for measuring activity 28M+ members Unique and valuable services Exploring data with NikeFuel Grow user base to 100m with partnerships

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Questions? Brian Pagano Apigee Norman Woodard Accenture norman.woodard@accenture.com @brianpagano