The Marketer Strikes Back

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THE MARKETER STRIKES BACK Marketers are stepping up to drive business results What are top marketers doing versus their peers? 51% 40% 18% 30% 29% More networked in their organizations Believe their role is to deliver above market growth 11% Better at capturing and utilizing customer insights 30% 11% Value automation as a critical capability A more muscular role for marketers is emerging compared to last year +24 +15 +17 PERCENTAGE POINTS PERCENTAGE POINTS Owns CRM and loyalty PERCENTAGE POINTS Will invest to counteract challenge from more agile competitors over next 1-3 yrs Drives above-market growth To drive growth, marketers must respond to five key challenges: 1 Customer experience limited by poor insights Just 13% feel strongly that they grasp their customers’ About 50% can’t measure the CDJ’s Data-driven but not effective Only 10% 2 believe they are feeding data back into strategy 4 Lack of focus 3 More than 95% Overextended in the hunt for capabilities focused on more than live initiatives... a “do it all” approach that risks diffusing impact understanding the 40% customer jourhey 5 Slow pace 45% content development and management 43% Analytics and marketing effectiveness 8 Months Curent average development cycle McKinsey Marketing & Sales Source: McKinsey analysis of the Association of National Advertisers "Marketing Disruption II" survey, 2015. In total, 384 client-side marketers are represented in this survey. Participants include members of various panels, including the ANA Marketer’s Edge Research Community, ANA members and prospects, the American Marketing Association, McKinsey, Demand Metric, and Spencer Stuart.

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