Growth Hacking Magic?

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Growth Hacking Magic? Sean Ellis September 17, 2014 CEO of Qualaroo, GrowthHackers.com Twitter @seanellis Going Beyond the Hype to Take Your Business to the Next Level http://i.imgur.com/FmRlA.jpg

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About Me Founder/CEO of Qualaroo & GrowthHackers.com Previously VP Marketing from customer zero to NASDAQ IPO filing at LogMeIn and Uproar.com Then interim marketing exec roles at Dropbox, Lookout and Eventbrite

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Extreme Competition for Attention @seanellis US Online Ad Spend per User 3.5x

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Rapidly Evolving Channels @seanellis WOM Email MySpace Facebook Craigslist Twitter iOS Android James Currier

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Yet Some Huge Startup Successes Little or no traditional marketing… @seanellis

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No – Rigorous Process of Experimentation @seanellis

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The Dropbox Growth Story @seanellis Freemium reduced allowable CPA Natural advantages to grow with collaboration and sharing Catalyze sharing with double sided referral program Optimize conversions on sharing loops 300 million users with no traditional marketing

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Desperation Drove Startups to Innovate @seanellis Aggressive targets, tight resources Traditional approach not realistic Had to rethink growth…

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The Growth Hacking Playbook Experiment with all available growth levers Understand what’s driving growth, test to improve it Heavy focus on product and optimization http://www.michiganemploymentlawadvisor.com/

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B2B or B2C? @seanellis Growth hacking isn’t just for consumer-focused companies. B2B often requires integration with sales process.

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HubSpot’s Growth Hack – Free Tools @seanellis

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Yammer – Engineered User-Get-User @seanellis

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LinkedIn - Engineered User-Get-User @seanellis

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Finding Your Own Growth Hacks @seanellis Areas of exploration Process, team and tools

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Some Areas of Exploration Platform integrations Engineered user-get-user Free tools Examples 25+ M users @seanellis

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Areas of Exploration (Cont) Powered by Reverse engineer success Examples @seanellis

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Success Data: Airbnb’s Pro Photos Airbnb discovered that listings with high-quality photos received 2-3x bookings Airbnb invested in professional photography Booking activity explodes as desire increases @seanellis

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Other Growth Studies for Inspiration @seanellis

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Experimentation is Key to Success @seanellis Generate many ideas for experiments Prioritize by impact, confidence & effort Balance high impact & high probability tests

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Double Down on Success Challenge is not finding many channels that work, but rather finding one. Often your best growth opportunity is to double down on what’s already working.

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Growth Team Often Needed @seanellis Multi-disciplinary Cross functional Evangelize experimentation culture “Growth team” complements existing marketing team

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Some Helpful Tools @seanellis Analytics — Identify drop-off points and under-performing pages (e.g. Google Analytics, KISSMetrics) Qualitative Insights — Uncover the why behind the numbers (e.g. Qualaroo, SurveyMonkey) A/B Test — Find better performing combinations to drive conversion rate (e.g. Hubspot, Optimizely)

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Relentless Execution of Growth Process @seanellis

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Key Takeaways @seanellis Emerging marketing challenges require all to rethink growth Growth hacking is based experimentation, not silver bullets Add process/team to maximize number of experiments Get inspiration from data, VOC and what’s working for others

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Questions? THANK YOU. Sean Ellis CEO of Qualaroo & GrowthHackers.com Twitter: @seanellis