How Brands are Harnessing Content Development to Optimize Platform Engagement

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How Brands are Harnessing Content Development to Optimize Platform Engagement David L Smith CEO/Founder Mediasmith, Inc. And are not © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Content marketing in 2014 Everybody’s doing it (over 90%) Over 70% of marketers are increasing CM budgets Already allocations range from 10-20% of marketing It’s as big as social now as a priority © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Top digital priorities for 2014 © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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“Content is King” & For B2B, Content Marketing is the biggest trend More B2B than Consumer © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Many channels in use © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Taking Many Forms Lists Long form Photo/Graphic (Instagram, Pinterest, Infographics) Video (YouTube, Vimeo) White papers Events Webinars Case studies Slideshare Surveys Blogs Sharing others content Apps Microsites Contests Custom Magazines Crowdsourcing product Crowdsourcing blog © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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And Native Advertising Too (After all, isn’t native advertising just branded content with a paid element?) © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Brands on Native Over 80% of brands say that brand awareness is the goal of content marketing But, IAB discovers that Native ads work best if the consumer is already aware of the brand and it is in the right context © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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© 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Most Are Clueless About Success The New Forrester B2B study shows a WHOPPING 83% of marketers can't tie business value back to their content marketing tactics Most are basing success on early stage buyer acquisition (clicks, etc.) rather effect throughout the funnel © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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And The Target is Elusive Digiday and others have reported on the Facebook de-prioritization of brands Since Facebook changed its algorithm, business page exposure has tanked: dropping from a 25% natural exposure rate per a post, to a 1-2% exposure Publisher activity still counts as content (reconsider publisher partnerships) © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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It’s About Strategy Not Tactics Content marketing needs to be embedded in everything you do “Most of the focus is on producing content simply to fill channels” - Forrester © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Source: Nic Newman – Journalism Media and Technology Predictions 2014 The Power of the List © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Three Keys to Great Content Marketing Discoverable & Shareable Created for the audience’s audience Methodically tested and optimized © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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NY Times Learnings Experiment Repackage your content Re-use old content Create content templates Continue to innovate your platform Content marketing is not just about publishing Your content creators need to be socially savvy It’s not just about the headline but social Don’t forget search engines Build best practice into search and social Email is a very important marketing tool Use your social channels for experimentation The brand content creators need to be a part of the marketing Tap into the power of user generated content Use an email marketing platform To do content marketing at scale, you need a “marketing platform” Fail fast and learn It’s a team effort Need to know what success looks like Leaders need to “unlearn” Think digital as a priority © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Process Learn © 2014 Mediasmith Inc. Plan Create Test & Opt. Deploy Analyze Understand your business & buyers Prioritize & chart the roadmap Test & confirm the best performance Exploit most effective content Hone in on KPI’s & report Edit & Develop content for plan

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A Few More Data Points Trend towards taking content creation in house (90%+) but half also use some outside resources… Agency participates in strategy Agency handles distribution, syndication, sharing strategy Only 1/3 of advertisers measure beyond the click © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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What Are Clients Doing? © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Salesforce.com Content Used Infographics E-Books with sales tips ROI calculators & demos Objective: Amplify messaging & drive leads Methods Organic posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Paid promotion across all platforms Challenges Matching content to platforms Optimizing content by audience Deciding what to gate and give away © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Salesforce.com Executions Twitter 5-6 tweets in campaign Optimize to 3 Target suitability is key High funnel offers Twitter Cards Facebook 5-6 pieces of content (monthly) Upper and lower funnel Mobile key Rich audience data LinkedIn 4 pieces at a time (monthly refresh) Richest B2B user data Lower funnel works well Social platforms deliver 20% of Salesforce lead volume

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World Cup: Adidas versus Nike © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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GE Target is partners (BDM’s), recruitment, investors, techies How do we show people in the world who love science, tech, and invention who we really are? Want people to associate GE with Health, Energy, Transportation Lighting and Appliances Add 10% of earned to paid budget (amplifies by 25%) GE Garages (Event oriented) Reach “maker” community of engineers, technologists, tinkerers Instagram to connect with Techies and recruitment Up close and personal Facebook: 1MM fans & working on metrics © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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P&G: Home Made Simple Superstar of Microsites 6MM+ opt-in members Home/Garden recipes, tips Facebook You Tube TV Show Pinterest Magazine © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Guitar Center Music emphasis is at the heart of Guitar Center need Significant You Tube effort: Extensive content Seamless integration with website Open forum for discussion © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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JetBlue & Southwest Both make strong use of Twitter: Communicate to mobile customer Distribute messaging Get insights on customer concerns Quick response (Especially Southwest) Set themselves apart from bigger, more “corporate” airlines © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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What About Resources? © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Tools: Content Research © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Content Organization © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Content Creation © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Content Promotion © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Content Analytics © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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In closing… Content marketing today is where web development was in 1997-98: Very early stage Companies doing it “because” Tactics and metrics immature Good content marketing requires enormous budgets -- not the tiny budgets that most marketers spend. Increasingly, it is going to be a marketing requirement, and companies are going to have to find the money to develop, distribute and measure content. © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.

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Contact me: smith@mediasmith.com Follow me: @mediadls on Twitter mediadls on most social networks Thank You! © 2014 Mediasmith Inc.