Get More From Your Content: Embrace Your Inner Geek.

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Get More From Your Content: Embrace Your Inner Geek. by Matt Beswick, aged 31 and a half.

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I have a confession. @mattbeswick

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My friends and family have known this for a LONG time. @mattbeswick

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I’m a geek. @mattbeswick

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From building crap batch programs when I was 12... @mattbeswick

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To being part of a text-based game when I was 15... @mattbeswick

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To a hacked together Facebook game that changed my life. @mattbeswick

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A Story of Growth... @mattbeswick

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... and ridiculous levels of engagement. @mattbeswick

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I’m a FAKE geek.

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SELECT * FROM table WHERE username LIKE ‘%$username%’ @mattbeswick

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Google Apps Scripts: Confusing. @mattbeswick

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Eventually I make stuff work. @mattbeswick

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So don’t be scared… @mattbeswick

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THIS IS MY CALL TO ARMS @mattbeswick

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Being a geek helps make life easier. @mattbeswick

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Being a geek saves you huge amounts of time. @mattbeswick

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But more importantly helps you get noticed. @mattbeswick

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First. Imagine… @mattbeswick

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#searchloveselfie @mattbeswick

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We’ll come back to that later @mattbeswick

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Here We Go! @mattbeswick

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Crafting Stories @mattbeswick

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Get Links @mattbeswick

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Get Noticed @mattbeswick

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Surveys FTW @mattbeswick

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Single vs. Multiple @mattbeswick

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@mattbeswick A List of Answers

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@mattbeswick Multiple Questions = Crosstabs

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It’s all about the idea, and the story. @mattbeswick

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@mattbeswick Take The Answers & Look For Trends

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@mattbeswick Create a list of the most interesting findings

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Finally, get your creatives to do their thing @mattbeswick

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Finally, get your creatives to do their thing

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This is the post. BBC? TV Coverage??

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Lessons Learned @mattbeswick

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1. Unique data is great for outreach @mattbeswick

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2. You’re looking for a story @mattbeswick

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3. Where possible, include the data @mattbeswick

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4.Follow @staceycav @mattbeswick

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Scraping @mattbeswick

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Disclaimer: Google Don’t Like You Doing This @mattbeswick

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Stealing Is Naughty @mattbeswick

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http://www.targetlocal.co.uk/tools/simple-serp-scraper/ You could use software… @mattbeswick

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Where’s the fun in that? @mattbeswick

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It’s Geek Time! @mattbeswick

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PHP == Good @mattbeswick

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http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&pws=0&q=searchlove 1. Google URL @mattbeswick

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$html = file_get_contents($url_check); 2. Get the HTML @mattbeswick

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@$dom->loadHTML($html); 3. Load the HTML @mattbeswick

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$xpath = new DOMXPath($dom); 4. Convert to XPath @mattbeswick

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$xpath->evaluate("//div[@id='search']//h3/a/@href"); 5. Grab the Results @mattbeswick

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Success!? http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-667657p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00 @mattbeswick

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Cue Tumbleweed… @mattbeswick

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The power comes when you do it en-masse @mattbeswick

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“Online Share Trading” Example:

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1. Take the top keywords for your client / site @mattbeswick

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best online share trading online share trading online share trading uk share trading share trading account share trading online shares trading trade shares online trading shares trading shares online uk share trading @mattbeswick

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2. Scrape page 1 for each of these phrases @mattbeswick

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3. Get an overall view of who your competitors really are @mattbeswick

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You now know who you’re up against @mattbeswick

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Let’s Take 5… @mattbeswick

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… Seconds @mattbeswick

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This could get messy @mattbeswick

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Some Data Your Code Cool Stuff APIs (over) Simplified @mattbeswick

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Not just for geeks* @mattbeswick *Knowing how to code helps.

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@mattbeswick Get your learning on…

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Building a Request @mattbeswick

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Here’s what you get…

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Which is the same as this @mattbeswick

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http://api.sharedcount.com/?url=http://www.distilled.net Social Data? No Problem @mattbeswick

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Here’s What We Get @mattbeswick

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Again, doing this for one URL isn’t very powerful… http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/12/20/article-1340131-0C8A6AA5000005DC-966_634x421.jpg @mattbeswick

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… but when you do it for the masses you start to learn things. http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-667393p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00 @mattbeswick

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Twitter API – Get Tweets by Search – e.g. “SearchLove” @mattbeswick

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How about we do this for the speakers? @mattbeswick

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Here’s some top level data for them… @mattbeswick

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What are they reading? @mattbeswick

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And look for sites that we should be publishing on. @mattbeswick

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Suggested Viewing – Richard Baxter http://www.slideshare.net/seogadget/really-targeted-outreach-from-richard-baxter-seogadget

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Everything else basically involves stealing stuff. @mattbeswick

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Let’s steal some keywords @mattbeswick

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Take our list of competitors from earlier… Only use NICHE competitors tddirectinvesting.co.uk money.co.uk iii.co.uk hl.co.uk thisismoney.co.uk selftrade.co.uk @mattbeswick

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Use the SEMRush API to grab their paid and organic keywords @mattbeswick

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http://api.semrush.com/ ?type=domain_organic &key=YOUR_API_KEY &display_limit=500 &export_columns=Ph,Po,Nq,Cp,Ur &domain=selftrade.co.uk &database=uk In the background we’re doing this… @mattbeswick

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Which gives us this… @mattbeswick

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And in the end we have a spreadsheet! @mattbeswick

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Let’s order by ‘total competitors’ @mattbeswick

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Or by landing page to identify groupings @mattbeswick

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Want to take it a step further? @mattbeswick

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Drop those landing pages into URLProfiler

Slide 97

Generate Screenshots @mattbeswick

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You now know what they’re bidding on… … and their landing pages

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If that doesn’t generate ideas, nothing will. @mattbeswick

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Flick Through & Pick Out Great Landing Pages More Tumbleweeds? @mattbeswick

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“We’re just here for the links” @mattbeswick

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Let’s steal those too then. @mattbeswick

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*Knowing how to code helps. http://moz.com/products/api http://developer-support.majesticseo.com/ Our Heroes!

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Take our list of competitors again… @mattbeswick

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In the background $parameters["item"] = $url; $parameters["datasource"] = "fresh”; $parameters["Mode"] = 1; $parameters["Count"] = 10000; $parameters["MaxSourceURLsPerRefDomain"] = 1; $parameters["MaxSameSourceURLs"] = 1; @mattbeswick

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In the background $api_service = new APIService(MAJESTIC_APP_API_KEY, MAJESTICSEO_ENDPOINT); $response = $api_service->executeOpenAppRequest("GetBackLinkData", $parameters, MAJESTIC_ACCESS_TOKEN); @mattbeswick

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We get a nice big list…

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But there’s LOADS of crap @mattbeswick

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@mattbeswick Export to Excel & Filter

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So we can now steal their keywords, and their links...

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@mattbeswick Let’s talk about the bigger picture

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@mattbeswick It’s that word again

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@mattbeswick This is what Google wants http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-790342p1.html?cr=00&pl=edit-00

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@mattbeswick Being a liar isn’t an option any more

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@mattbeswick Combining all of the above helps you build networks to build your brand.

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One Last Bright Idea

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Analyse a page for topics Get that list and store it Use it as a basis for outreach

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An example Textwise Response…

Slide 119

Don’t Forget Your Spider @mattbeswick

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Keep on crawlin’! Build up a searchable database of sites Use that db as a basis for outreach … and also check who they link to. Crawl each of those sites and check for topics… Start with a ‘seed’ list of sites

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… here’s an example of what you get... @mattbeswick

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One Problem…

Slide 123

Textbroker = $1000+/mth @mattbeswick

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#searchloveselfie @mattbeswick

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API Examples http://www.mattbeswick.co.uk/big-list-of-apis/

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Matt Beswick Hidden Pixel @mattbeswick matt@hiddenpixel.com FREE STUFF! http://www.hiddenpixel.com/SL2014/