Branded Content Strategies using WordPress

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Branded Content Strategies using WordPress David Yarde Sevenality

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Verb To do, execute on a foundation, to leave a mark or legacy. Branding

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Or roughly half of the world’s population have internet connected devices they use daily… 3.4 Billion

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What is a branded content strategy?

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Planning for the creation, curation ,delivery, and governance of useful, usable, and appropriate content in the brand to audience experience.

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Why branded content strategies?

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Deliverables are merely punctuation in the conversation. Don’t let them replace the conversation.

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Sustainable content is content you can create—and maintain—without going broke, without lowering the quality in ways that make the content suck, and without working employees into nervous breakdowns. - Erin Kissane,The Elements of Content

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First things first. What do you need to communicate?

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Why even… start a website redesign, let the CEO start blogging, audit content, start engaging on Twitter/Facebook/Next big social network, consolidate the website architecture, add video testimonials, incorporate user reviews, develop new brand guidelines…

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If you don’t know what you need to communicate?

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…and if you don't know what you need to communicate, how will you know if you succeed?

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Give them quality.That’s the best kind of advertising. - Milton Hershey

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Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. - Henry Ford

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1. Define your objectives Establish what form of media your content should take, or whether a combination of different forms of media would be better, by conducting an audit of your existing brand content strategy. Once you have a clear picture of your current brand strategy, consider how a magazine, website, app, video or other form of branded content would fit in.

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2. Define your audience Now you need to build up a picture of your ideal customer, setting out exactly what you want to achieve with your cross-media content. The tighter your objectives, the sharper the focus and the better the results. Also consider what other communications your audience receives from you and ensure that all your marketing — new and existing — connect, with as little overlap as possible.

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3. Make a strong financial case Having regular, high-quality content can be a significant investment for your marketing department, so establish benchmarks for success based on your objectives. Your investment should be based on measurable results. In short: how will the project add to the bottom line? You then need to find the budget, which will depend on the role you wish your content to fulfill. Next, get internal buy-in from all relevant departments, especially if you are expecting them to contribute to the budget.

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4. Establish a distribution strategy. How will your content reach your customers? What combination of media channels would best fit your target audience? From print to online, digital to video, there are a huge range of channels to choose from.

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5. Create your first batch of content.

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6. Agree on a launch strategy. Depending on channel, a new launch can take up to three months. Often, a client will have a launch date in mind to form part of a larger marketing campaign, so you may want to add more time into the schedule to make sure you hit it. You could also try out creative ideas with focus groups or send out content to a sample group of customers, along with a response mechanism to gather their opinions. Make sure to organize some dedicated promotional activity, both internally and externally.

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7. Measure and re-adjust.

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Always Be Helping.

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