Event Marketing Masterclass Katie McPhee | @britelondon | December 2014

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1 Event Marketing Masterclass Katie McPhee | @britelondon | December 2014

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On the agenda today: The theory: What is Eventbrite? Setting up your event (for success) Tools to promote and spread the word Using data to sell tickets And in practice: Four final tips to boost your event marketing

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What is Eventbrite? Create, promote and sell tickets for any event imaginable

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…And a place of event discovery

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concerts class reunion festival block party hiking politics turkey trot dance training

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As an event organiser, how can Eventbrite help me? Makes your job a lot easier! Increase awareness of event Collect data for attendees Collect payment in advance Send invitations Seamless communication with attendees 24/7 customer support

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Ticket Types Incentivise

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Event Privacy Select categories carefully….

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Create a customised event page

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Collect Attendee Information Consider which details you need - & which you don’t

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Ask Custom Questions Dietary info / mailing list / t-shirt size

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Event Dashboard This is your event HQ!

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Promo Codes Use for VIPs; press; friends and family

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Send Email Invitations

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Social integrations Turns attendees into your biggest promoters

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Promotional Chart Learn how people are finding your event. (you might be surprised)

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Tracking Links Event partners are essential. But which are the most useful?

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Managing Waitlists ~> A good problem to have!

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Email updates to attendees Event updates; joining information

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Entry Manager Check-in guests using an iPhone, Android or iPad

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Event Reports Analyse trends and buying patterns

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Social Stream Collates images and tweets on the hashtag; helps promote the next event

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Survey Monkey Discover what attendees *really* thought!

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4In practice: 4 Event Marketing Tips Modernise email marketing Maximise event content Build a community of event partners Create a consistent and unmistakable brand

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1. Modernise email marketing

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Always have a call to action Know your audience and segment accordingly Offer value - be it a giveaway, an offer, or important news Be strategic and set goals Include images 1. Modernise email marketing

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2. Maximise event content

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2. Maximise event content Brite Space recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHFWeHIkVLs

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3. Build a community of event partners

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Managing your festival brand 4. Create a consistent and unmistakeable brand

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4. Create a consistent and unmistakeable brand

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Thanks for listening! Katie McPhee @britelondon