The Power of Video Marketing

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Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. Source: Unruly 50x easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video. Source: Forrester Research If your business isn’t using video marketing to its advantage: Get with the program! The list of benefits when it comes to marketing on this visual platform are virtually endless. One thing is clear: video marketing can take your company a long way when it comes to a variety of subjects. An email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%. Source: Implex 90% of info transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text Source: 3M Corporation

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NUMBERS DON’T LIE: VIDEOS SHOULD BE A TOP MARKETING STRATEGY Video is no new avenue for product promotion, yet somehow, 32% of respondents have only been using this tool for two years or less, according to a Business 2 Community study. This is a surprising find considering how easy it is to create a video. Whether it be through hiring a content marketing business or simply setting up a tripod in your back office. Videos are worth the effort. But, don’t take out word for it. There are even more statistics about how advantageous video marketing can be. Forbes contributor Steve Olenski begins his piece by asking business owners why they wouldn’t take advantage of video marketing. His bold question is followed by a laundry list of facts. Of marketing professionals, 70% say that video material converts better than any other method. When a website contains video content, the average user will spend 88% more time on the page. Adding the word “video” in the subject line of a video shows a 19% increase in open rates. The click-through rates on these emails are boosted 65%. The list goes on. In fact, Olenski claims he had to stop himself from listing more. The underlying theme? No matter what kind of business you own – retail, restaurant, automotive – you can benefit from the use of video content. In todays highly consumer-driven world, it is almost a guarantee there are a million businesses offering the same services as you. When it comes to marketing techniques your ultimate goal – beyond customer retention – should involve creating unique material that will positively reflect your brand and attract new shoppers.

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The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Blog posts with video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video. Source: Mist Media Source: SEOmoz 52% say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. Source: Invodo HOW TO CREATE GOOD VIDEO CONTENT So, you get it. Videos are a great marketing tool and you should definitely be using them for your business. But, how? Keep the following key points in mind whenever you create video content.

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AUDIENCE This is always step one. Video or not, all marketing methods should have a birds-eye focus on who the audience is. This will dictate much of the content, presentation and distribution. Keep in mind, video is not for all audiences. While it can be an effective tool for communicating your message, it is only useful if your target consumer base is receptive to it.

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TELL A STORY Nothing grabs a person’s attention like a good story. Take a second to think of ads you love, what is the common denominator? We are willing to bet that it is a compelling story line. Try to keep your company execs away from the camera. While we know that you have a passion for the business, sometimes it is better to leave the technical overviews out. Simplify your message and relay it in a creative manner.

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CALL TO ACTION The story was great, but now what? Even if your customers love your message, it means nothing without a specified objective. Do you want your customers to visit your website? Include a link. Do you think they should eat at your restaurant? Give them an address. Assure that your video content has a call to action for your customer. PUBLISHING SCHEDULE As with any good content, the most important steps often involve the strategizing process. Before you get your hands on a camera, set up a plan for long-term goals. Forbes contributor John Rampton suggested thinking of your video content in terms of a series instead of a bunch of single pieces. Can you tell a story through multiple videos? How many weeks of content will this cover? Just like you have a set plan for launching social media content, develop a schedule for you videos. This is especially important if the videos lead up to a big launch or announcement.

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92% of mobile video viewers share videos. Source: Invodo Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. 55% watch videos online everyday. Source: Groupon Source: Marketing Sherpa HIT THE CORE POINTS More strategizing? You bet. Don’t dust off those cameras just yet. Every good video should play out like a story. As such, there are key points to hit on when planning out your content. First, try to brainstorm a handful of key messages you want to get across to your customers. Now, pick one. When possible, video creators should try to limit their content to a single message, explained The Content Marketing Institute. Once you have pinned down your message, focus on creating an attention-grabbing lead, a recognizable problem, a solution and most importantly a call to action. These four points are critical to hit in any good video content.

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CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT Now that you’ve set up the skeleton of your content, it’s time to create a body. Whether it is social media, email, direct mail or video marketing, content is king. Make sure you are providing your customers with interesting and relevant pieces. If you aren’t, their chances of clicking ‘play’ on your next video are slim to none. Try providing your audience with some key expertise. Tutorials or insider tips are always great options. These pieces establish your business as experts in your field and can spark further interest in your services. SHORT-FORM VIDEOS You’ve heard it a million times. The digital world has zapped the average attention span. Millennials have twitchy fingers that are eager to move on the next best thing. Whether you buy into these grand generalizations or not, it is true that short content is easier to digest. Rampton pointed out that with short format content, consumers can view a message quickly and easily share it with their followers. Try to keep your videos short and sweet. Don’t rush the video so much that you barely get your message across. But also don’t draw it out so long that it is a hassle to watch. Find the sweet spot between the two to secure a high number of video views.

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INVEST IN QUALITY Sure, anybody with a smartphone can record a video in this day and age. But don’t you want your content to have a higher quality than that? There are whole businesses dedicated to creating high level video content for any business. If your digital skills are admittedly lacking, invest a little money in the creation of your video content. The benefits of an impressive video campaign can truly result in a bang for your buck. PASS IT ALONG So, your video has been made, it looks awesome, now what? First, make sure you utilize the right distribution channels. Keep your audience in mind here. Would YouTube or Facebook be more effective in reaching your target customers? Remember you can always take a multi-channel approach. Including your new video content on social media outlets or at the end of a promotional email can be a useful delivery method. Once the video is out there, encourage people to tune in, suggested The Content Marketing Institute. Whether it be through a literal explanation accompanying the video or a more covert tactic like creating a SEO-friendly title. Push your product! 52% of marketing professionals say video is the type of content with the best ROI. Source: Business2Community 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and communication. Source: Business2Community

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Video content marketing can be an extremely effective tool for your business if you use it right. Invest the time to make sure you create a clean and finished product with a strong message.

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